Planner Spread 11/9/2020

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope that this day finds you wonderfully refreshed and in great spirits. I am currently writing this post after a long day of projects and chores. I actually finished my planner spread Sunday evening (I worked on it while I watched The Mandalorian) but I didn’t have to time to actually work on typing this up until Monday evening, hence why you are seeing it Tuesday morning.

If you follow me on Instagram you were able to see one of the projects that I worked on Monday. It’s a new face mask with a beautiful black girl on the one side. I figure since we will be wearing mask for a while, I may has well have a stash to chose from and you know I love to accessorize, so it’s great to switch it up. I also made what turned out to be caramels, but was supposed to be peanut brittle. This was my second attempt (the 1st I cooked too long) and I refused to throw this batch away because it tasted amazing, just didn’t get hard enough to crack even though my thermometer read it was at the hard crack stage.

I sectioned pieces off with my bench scraper and some gloves and wrapped them in wax paper. I will grab them when I feel the urge for something sweet without all the fuss. These are made from a paleo recipe that I changed up and used a combination of coconut sugar and Swerve (it still should have gotten to the hard crack state and actually cracked). If you are interested, let me know in the comments below and I will share the recipe.

Now to the spread.

It’s a pay week, so I have me payday budget sticker on the dashboard page. When I was flipping through my sticker books, I thought I was going to go with pastels this week, but when I got down to it, I chose these pumpkins and leaves. I don’t know what my fascination with pumpkins has been this year. I didn’t even buy any for decorations on the porch. Maybe that’s why, I didn’t get any for the house, so I’m putting them in my planner spread.

I really liked the leaves in the box sticker that I will use for notes, so I tried to stick with those same leaves and colors through out the rest of the spread.

It’s my Book Club weekend and I will be heading to the grocery store on Saturday – my goal is to get the rest of the items I need for Thanksgiving before the mad rush. Y’all wish me luck in finding a small turkey and ham. My family is not getting together this year (and my heart is truly saddened), but we are really trying to be safe as much as possible. There are so many of us, there’s no way we can social distance and the weather here is not predictable enough to say we are going to be outside. It will be Babydoll and I for the most part. Stan may be around, but we don’t need massive pieces of meat. There is also a lot going on at work this week and the rain is supposed to come in on Wednesday along with the drop in temperature. I think I notated everything and still ended up with a pretty spread.

Y’all tell me what you think. I’m about to close out because my left eye is going on the fritz and I currently typing with one eye open. Dry eye is such a bothersome thing; I’m going to flush it with some ReNu drops and give it a rest. I hope that you enjoy this planner spread and find it inspirational in some way. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you will continue to come by. I plan on sharing by budget for this month with you guys on Friday. I already have the video and photos, I just need to put it together. I haven’t done one of those in a minute, so stay tuned. Have a great rest of your week.

Until next time,

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