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Weekly Spread for week of 3/23/2020

It’s the last full week of March. Can you believe it? This week I used some stickers from a couple of new books I purchased last week. The flowers came from the latest Happy Planner Florals book and I also picked up something from Capital City Designs.

The peacock, a favorite bird of mine (I have a peacock feather tatoo) I had printed out on sticker paper months ago. I felt good about using it this week.

I hope you guys like the spread. Continue to be safe and healthy and social distance as much as possible.

Until next time,

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Dashboard Planner Spread week of 3/16/2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are staying healthy during this health crisis and making wise decisions about your social interactions.  Along with all of the drama associated with COVID-19, this week includes St. Patrick’s Day and the First Day of Spring.  What a way to celebrate both of these events, being seperated from most people.

I decided to take inspiration from a few planners that I saw that took the weeks spread to transition from winter to spring.



There was a section that I was unsure of what to do with it and I promise even this morning, I wanted to place something over those flowers to cover it up.  I felt it was too springy for this spread since I had a little winter included in it.


Although the weather has been more spring-like for the past few weeks (and has everyone’s allergies starting early), the official transition is not until the 19th.



This week I have to cancel all of the plans/reservations that we made for Spring Break.  Babydoll is super bummed.  I just hope that no one gives me a hard time.  I really hate to have to become miffed.  Is anyone else having to cancel travel plans?  What are you guys doing for spring break if you have children?

Anyway, I hope that I have given you some inspiration and that you and your family continue to be in good health and strength. Until next time.


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Planner Spread week of March 9, 2020

Happy Monday,

Have you sufficiently recovered from “springing forward” with daylight savings time beginning?  We missed church yesterday because I woke up close to the time when we should have been heading out the door.  After having an in-depth discussion about what time we needed to get up and leave (Babydoll was going to drive us), we missed it.

Anyway, I had a chance to spend some time getting my planner ready for the week while I watched “Bringing Up Bates” and talked to my mother.  I began cleaning and reorganizing my office and craft space, so I had a really decluttered desk to work on.  I decorated the spread based on the on RongRong sticker that I pulled from a small sticker book that I found when cleaning. It’s March, so I wanted to stick with some green.


I have three birthday’s that I will be celebrating this  week.  I gotta mail out a birthday card in the next day or two.  This Saturday is going to be a busy one. There is the lunch with “the original six” (my parents and their children only) celebrating my father’s birthday, I’m cooking and hosting. Then there is a bookclub meeting later that evening where we will have discussions about the books we read, but also plans for the upcoming Lori Foster RAGT in June.  Finally, Babydoll is getting her hair braided, that I will be working around drop-off and pick-up.

What’s your week looking like?  Are you finding the weeks flying by?  Comment below with your thoughts.

Have a great week,


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Planner Spread week of March 3

Good Morning everyone,

This weeks spread is full of gold and came about because I’m thinking of travel.  Spring break is at the end of the month and recently I received info about our family reunion this summer.  Getting out of this city is on my mind.

analysis blackboard board bubble

It was a busy Monday for me, I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment about my knee, had to drop off Sasha Fierce to get a haircut, needed to pick up a few things for Babydoll that she forgot to mention when I went grocery shopping last weekend, and I had to make some granola.


I ended up getting a cortisone shot to the knee after four weeks of physical therapy and no real change.  Man can I tell you that I had to breath through that shot like I did when I was in labor nearly sixteen years ago.  My knee felt a little weird (the doctor used the term “full” and I think that is a good description).

It’s raining today and most of the week, but the temperature is in the 50’s.  The dreary weather had me in the mood to make a pot of chili.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I finished my planner spread while I ate lunch and worked on chili.  I have no idea why the stickers were raising up so much this time around, but my hope is that it lays flatter once I put it in my planner and close it up for a few hours.


I wonder if I should color in that flower.  Anyway….I hope you guys enjoy and have a great week.



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Dashboard Layout of the Week

Happy Last Week of February,

At one point I had decided to show my weekly planner spread, but fell off with that.  Mostly it was because I would forget to take a picture of the spread before the pen.  But looking for inspiration online for the Happy Planner Dashboard layout in the Classic size I found that there were not a lot of options.  So…..I’m going to start sharing again.  I have changed the way my layout looks and I will elaborate on that at a later time, but for now this is the spread for the week of 24-Feb-2020 to 1-Mar-2020.


If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.  Thanks and have a great week.


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New Planner Setup

Happy July Everyone,

The start of this month also starts the much anticipated use of my new planner that I purchased when the Rongrong collaboration with Happy Planner came out several months ago. 


I needed to replace my cover because my current one had some cracks around the rings.  I looked around for something that made me excited, but wasn’t completely enthused about anything I was seeing.  I decided to I was going to use my Cricut to make something that made me excited.  I chose the teal cover, because I didn’t want to get black .


Destiny loves to sit on my craft work desk whenever I get ready to work – usually right in the center of my work space.  Here’s a better shot than the one I posted last week.


I printed out a quote on rose gold vinyl and painstakingly  transferred it with some help from Babydoll.  


The planner came with light purple or lavendar rings, but they were not big enough to use with all of the things I need to keep in my planner; so I switched out the rings to some gold metal rings I had purchased from Staples a while back. 


I had also purchased some new dashboards to use.






I usually keep three months of pages in the planner and then have the monthly pages for all of the months.  This time I decided to install six months of pages because I Frankenplan – having a tab for daily &  monthly pages, fitness pages,


budget pages,


notes, and work.  I had plenty of filler paper that I was going to use for the notes and work sections.  

P6290285I kept the cover page of the planner because I really like it and the beautiful ladies on the front. 

P6300293This is a dashboard layout format – something that I have come to like a lot more than the horizontal or vertical layouts.  I’ll do a flip-through of the sections of my planner later because I want to talk about somethings that I came up with for decorating my dashboard pages.  But I must know, am I the only one starting a new planner this July?  What planner are you using?  Do you Frankenplan and if so what tabs do you have?  Comment below to let me know.  Have a safe and great 4th.  I’m hosting a bbq, fish fry, and shrimp boil combo with a small crowd of about 35 (what am I thinking? Smile with tongue out).


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