Happy weekend everyone,

I hope that your week was less eventful than mine. Work was crazy busy and my freezer died on my refrigerator (the temperature is reading 22F) neccessitating me having to buy a new one. Fortunately I had been looking at refrigerators for about two years now and knew exactly what I wanted and was able to find it at a sweet deal (thank you very much Best Buy). Delivery is scheduled for early next week, so I’m going to put the critical items in my deep freezer until then.

If you hadn’t realized from the title, this post will be about my budget for this month. I know, I know it is technically the middle of the month, but I took the photos and video at the beginning, I’m just getting around to posting it. Sue me. 🙂

I believe I haven’t shown you guys how my planner is set up (and if you are interested comment below), and specifically how the budget part of my planner is set up. The way I do things, I have my monthly calendar where I put the stickers (some I created and some I did not) on the dates when bills are due. I also have a section on the sidebar that I use to put my various bank and available funds balances.

On the back of the second page of the calendar I have a blank sheet of note paper taped to the back of it that I use to write notes for the month. I usually place balances from the statements for my bills and when they are due on this page. Additionally if there is something that I have to remember (ie.. a new bill, a credit, a specific way I figure I want to pay something, or even upcoming events) I write this on that page.

The next page is the budget worksheet that I designed based upon an insert that I purchased from Hobby Lobby several years ago. I made it larger and put my specific bills on it. The highlighted bills are ones that I have paid off. There will be some addition to the Paypal Credit line for the next couple of months, I bought some much needed clothes that I had decided to pay off in two months, but then I had to get a refrigerator, some I paid for from savings, some I traded some of my health reward points for a gift card and the rest had to go on the credit line (that’s new this week).

Where you see the paid spots filled in, is because those bills are paid technically at the end of the previous month. I consider the check I get at the last of the month, the 1st check of the month; and the check I get in the middle of the month is the last check of the month.

Flipping over to the next two pages are the expenses outside of the bills (I do include the bills in their specific categories). You know allowance, shopping, groceries, etc. I track my weekly spending on these pages and also record when I pay bills in the far right notes section.

Again, you can see expenses that were bought on or around the 30th or 1st are already listed in expenses because of what check they were purchased with.

And that is how I set up my monthly budget. I hope that you were able to understand the videos and it was helpful to you. I take budgeting very seriously, but do not do the every dollar budget – I just couldn’t get into it. I tried y’all I really did. I’m very particular about what money goes where are getting my debts paid off in a way that makes sense for me.

Thanks for checking out my page, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Hopefully you will hit the like button or even consider subscribing. I you would like to see more content like this, leave a comment below. Hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time,

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