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Menu 3/10/14

Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a few moments out to let you know what we’re having for dinner this week.  I usually try to put this out on Friday or Saturday, but it was a work Friday and a very busy Saturday, so I’m getting to it today.

Did you remember to change your clocks for Day Light Savings time?  I remember to change the clock in the bedroom so that I could get to church yesterday morning, but forgot the rest of the clocks.  Let’s just say we had dinner at 6:30 last night and I thought until the end of dinner that I was doing good with my time. Smile with tongue out

Here’s what’s for dinner…

Sunday – We had…Chicken Stroganoff, Spinach, Candied Yams (that I found leftover in the freezer from a previous dinner), and homemade biscuits

Monday – Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and Boston Brown Bread (Babydoll loves this bread and she has a dentist appointment today that she was terrified when I told her about it so I want to end her day on a happier note.)

Tuesday – Fried Shrimp and Sweet Potato Tator Tots (this is assuming I make up the Tator Tots today, but I started back at the gym today, meaning I lost an hour, and I still have three loads of laundry and the bathrooms to clean – already vacuumed the downstairs.  Does anyone else hate cleaning bathrooms as much as I do?)

Wednesday – Turkey Burgers with Potato Pancakes (I think I’m noticing a potato theme this week and that was not my intention at all).

Thursday – Chicken & Waffles and some type of green vegetable.  I originally had spinach down as the side, but I cooked it yesterday, so now I’m thinking broccoli or asparagus.  Stan is not a fan, but Babydoll loves it, especially with lemon pepper and lemon juice squeezed on it, and it’s on sale this week; I can pick some up before I pick her up from school.

Friday – Fish Fry Friday…enough said.

Saturday – Last Saturday, I volunteered to work at the church and was gone most of the day.  This Saturday, I have a book club meeting and cannot say what I will do; it may be an every-man-for-himself day.

For dessert this week I decided to make brownies – two types one without nuts and no frosting for Babydoll and the second with walnuts and a peanut butter chocolate icing.  I bought some Salted Caramel Blue Bell Ice Cream to go along with it.

That’s our menu this week, as you can see besides the potatoes everywhere; we are having a lot of poultry this week.  I asked Stan if he thought we could have a menu entirely of chicken…he said let’s do it.  I settled for mostly poultry with a few seafood items mixed in just so it wouldn’t become too boring.  Maybe I’ll do a whole week of it at another time to see how it goes.  What are you having this week?


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Menu: 2/23/14

I haven’t posted one of these in a while.  I’m still making my menu’s just haven’t been putting them out here (or even putting them on the kitchen menu board for that matter. 😦 )  I think this winter weather is making me a lazy bumb.  I’m keeping the house clean and have even given up my weekly Saturday morning grocery store jaunt just so I don’t have to get out of bed and fight the snow.   Anyway I hope you guys get inspired by my menu…please share yours, I could use ideas (especially hearty soups for the winter – but please no soups with beans I acquired a bad taste of those after one of my summers with my grandmother when I was 9.).  So here we go:

Sunday – Salibury Steak with noodles (I know you are thinking why not potatoes, but I’m having potatoes on Saturday and if you remember, my actual menu starts on Saturday so we won’t be having potatoes back-to-back :))  I think I would like to add some type of greens with this so I may pick up some on Saturday afternoon from Kroger (they have the best greens pricing) – maybe a collard/mustard mix.

Monday: Soup & Sandwich day!!! – My version of a Minestrone without beans and Rachel’s or Ham & Cheese for Babydoll.

Tuesday – Asian Beef & Broccoli…I plan to serve these with homemade egg rolls and potstickers if I can dedicate myself to make them ahead of time on Monday.  I not then we’ll have the store bought version.

Wednesday – Pasta and Sauce – Stan loves this and I will make plain pasta for Babydoll and add some smoked sausage (she stays away from tomato sauce as much as possible because it aggravates her re-flux), I’ll fix a salad and garlic bread to accompany it.

Thursday: Pan-fried Tilapia and rice and either fruit salad or steamed broccoli

Friday – Not sure…I’m hoping I can talk Stan into taking us out if the weather cooperates.  If not, I maybe make a quick taco salad.

Saturday – Pork chops with pears, Twice-cooked roasted potatoes and spinach.

The dessert that I will make for the week is an Apple Crisp/Cobbler with French Vanilla Ice Cream.

On a side note: I have been craving Rice Krispy Treats since I watched an episode of Unique Sweets (does anyone else love that show); so I will be making about 5 different versions of Treats on Saturday.  My goal is to take pictures and post how they turn out.  Look for it some time next week. Smile

Also…I have been working on post about the basement remodel.  I believe I will break it down into about five or six parts.  I’m writing the entire post and will then break it down once I’ve finished it.

Have a great weekend guys.


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Menu 5/11/13

This week we are having (or had)…

Sunday: It was Mother’s Day…I wasn’t cooking

Monday: Soup & Sandwich day!!! – Cheeseburger soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Tuesday: Smoked Sausage Mac & Cheese with salads (fruit for Babydoll and lettuce for us)

Wednesday: Wings & Waffles (Sweet & Salty Chicken Wings & Sweet Potato Waffles)

Thursday: Breakfast Sausage Subs, Onion Straws, & Veggies

Friday: It’s a work Friday, everyman for himself

Saturday: We had playoff tickets…we ate bar food Smile


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And this week we’re having…

Although I haven’t been posting much lately, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing anything post worthy. I have. I’ve been taking pictures of things that I’ve been making, just haven’t had the time to actually tell you guys about it. I’m going to change that.

Also…I got several positive responses from you guys about my menu planning post, so I thought I would post my weekly menu. I make the menu every week, usually by Thursday, so I’ll try to post it on Friday. Although this week I did not do that because I didn’t figure out until today what type of soup we were having.  I did know I was baking the bread, just couldn’t figure out the soup (I hope to post about the soup and bread tomorrow or Wednesday.).

The way my menu works, whatever is listed on the Saturday slot (at the end of the week) is what I’m going to make on Saturday coming up. Which means Saturday is the first day of my week even though it’s listed last. I also leave some of the side dishes up for change, but I try to keep the main dish what I put down.  Here’s what I’m doing this week:

Sunday: Roasted Lemon Chicken, Green Peas, Steamed Rice, and Buttered Bread

Monday: Reuben Soup and Pumpernickel Raisin bread 

Tuesday: Quiche and Fruit Salad

Wednesday: Stuffed Chicken Breast, Buttered Noodles, and Corn

Thursday: Sloppy Joes, Fries and Applesauce

Friday: Fish (have a coupon for free dinners so we’ll use it Smile)

Saturday: Bacon Cheeseburgers and French Fries

I know we are having fries twice this week (actually more than twice if we get the fish dinners) but you have to keep in mind that Thursdays my Babydoll has ballet and we don’t get home until after 7; dinner has to be quick.  Also with us having had the cheeseburgers four days from the proposed next time, I think our body can handle it.  I will have been to the gym at least three times by then.  And finally, I may come up with a better option for fries with the sloppy joes. Smile 

What are you having for dinner this week?  Maybe I can get inspired and find an alternative to the fries.


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Menu planning anyone…

I believe I wrote a post about menu making sometime last year…I need to check to see. But a conversation with my mother the other day had me thinking that maybe I should go into more detail about the importance of menu planning.

My family is one of three (four if you include my Sasha Fierce puppy) and you would think that it would be easy to make sure that dinner is efficient and healthy. I’ve found that is not a correct assumption if you take into account that there are days when after school activities, homework and anything that pops up can make for a long evening (or take out/eating out) if planning isn’t done.

My mother was saying that she used to do a weekly menu when we were younger…we were a household of 6 (four children and 2 adults) and she was a stay-at-home mom off and on so a budget was important to her. Since it is just the two of them, she didn’t feel that a menu was something that she needed to do anymore. She just had a change of heart and we discussed our reasons for weekly menus.

1) A menu informs family members what to expect for dinner. How often have you heard, “what’s for dinner?” How often have you gotten home and scrambled to get dinner together because you forgot to pull something out of the freezer? I have a menu board hanging in my kitchen that has the menu for the week on it. When someone (usually Stan) asks “what’s for dinner?”, I just point in the direction of the board and say “what does it say?” Before I head out of the house for work, I look at the board to make sure I don’t have to pull anything out of the freezer; I also look the night before to make sure nothing need to come out the night before so that it can go in the crockpot.


2) A menu is the best thing to use when making a grocery list. My grocery bill is about the same every week. I’m not too happy with the amount I spend…but this is more reflective of the fresh fruit, the request for “must have” items, and meat that I buy and not because I’m not being thrifty. Now if I didn’t have a menu that I made the grocery list from along with me, I think I would spend much more. Making a menu for the week allows me to go through my freezer and pantry ahead of time and make the most of my grocery budget. My mother came to this same conclusion. Also, using a menu with my grocery list keeps me from having to make mini stops to the grocery store during the week that always end up with me purchasing something other than what I came in the store for.


3) Do you ever get tired of eating the same thing all the time? I do. Since I love to cook and am trying to raise a child that has a diverse palette; being able to mix up what is cooked is important to me. Having a menu allows me to do this. Oh sure, there are standard items that show up often enough (my baby doll loves her some chicken and waffles or brinner –breakfast for dinner), but having a menu helps me to space out the frequency of said items. There are some things that never change on my menu – Monday is soup & sandwiches, Thursdays is something really quick and easy due to a late night with ballet – but what I serve I try not to repeat them only once a month. Also having things posted on the menu board makes it easier to introduce new things. When the baby doll sees quinoa on the board and ask what it is, I can explain it and she has time to process it in her head and will be open to trying it. If I just put it on her plate I may get the frunched up face and “it looks disgusting”; I then spend most of dinner trying to get her to try it.

4) Nutrition anyone. My baby doll needs to have a diet that includes foods that make for healthy digestion. Making a menu lets me look at my dinner choices – sides and grains – and add things if I notice an imbalance. Also, I have recently begun watching my caloric intake (I’m not dieting, just being aware of what I eat) and menu planning helps me become more aware of what’s a good calorie food and what’s a bad one (of course, the homemade pound cake is good no matter how many calories it has. Smile).

So there’s the reasons why I feel making a menu each week each week. I’d love to hear your opinions on menus and if you use them.


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