Red Oven Creations


This is my new logo!!!  What do you think?


I recently decided to incorporate my business site with my blog site.  Why you may ask?  Well for (1), whenever I make something new & incredible I usually post about it; and (2) a couple of years ago when my original website name was snagged from me I had to come up with an alternate version of the original.  I wasn’t very excited about it, but I went with it.  The host company that I had used for years changed their policy this year and I didn’t want to go along with the policy.  I couldn’t find another host that I liked as much as I liked so I decided to incorporate everything into one.

Having said all of that….welcome to the Red Oven Creations business page.  I will include pictures of the desserts that I make as well as information about ordering.  Thanks for your continued support and enjoy.

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