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I didn’t like her tone…

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I hope that everyone enjoys this day celebrating the independence of our nation and that later when fireworks are lite that you use caution. ūüôā¬†

I’ve been so busy vacationing that I have not paid sufficient attention to my Red Oven blog, but as promised last week I mean to rectify that situation.

We just returned home from, Chicago,¬†the final leg of our family vacation.¬† This is usually the time when we really unwind and enjoy good food, great scenery and basically chill out.¬† We travel to Chicago several times during the year, because it’s so close to home (a meer¬†three-hour drive) and we know that we can usually get some really good food there (this weekend was the ending to the “Taste of Chicago” and it’s an awesome time to walk around and “taste” all types of food in one location).

I promise to show pictures later when I chronocallize my vacation, but today I wanted to focus on one MAJOR event that happened this weekend.¬† Saturday as I was trying to post on Facebook about how awesome the “Taste” was, my phone (Crackberry¬†Blackberry Torch) died.¬† I mean it actually had a stroke, when it froze up; then when I removed the battery from the back and tried to reboot it, it just couldn’t reboot.¬† After about two hours of trying to reboot unsuccessfully, it finally went into cardiac arrest and life just stuttered out of it.¬† I describe it this way only because that’s exactly what it was like.¬† Watching it stutter into nothingness was heart breaking and left me with a sense¬†of complete despair.¬†¬† Why despair¬†you say?¬† Well…one of my besties was moving back to the Chicago area that weekend and she was supposed to call me so that we could meet up while I was so close to her and I had her numbers programmed into my phone which was dead (I will talk about that in a moment) AND I’m not at home and my phone is DEAD…if my family need to contact me for any reason, they couldn’t! ūüė¶¬† I hadn’t done a backup on my phone in a couple of months so any new numbers that I had stored in there was gone… and I know there are new numbers that I had stored in there.

I began to panic and me panicking¬†is not a good thing.¬† I needed to find an ATT store fast.¬† But guess what?¬† By the time this catastrophe had occurred¬†all of the store were closed for the evening.¬† I called ATT Tech support and the gentleman suggested I try charging my phone to see if it could be revived and then said if all else failed I was¬†still under warranty so they could get me a new phone.¬†¬†I charged overnight and nothing happened.¬† I informed my family that the most important¬†thing on our to-do list for that day was getting my phone situation taken care of.¬† I found an ATT store (it was about 10 minutes away from our hotel) and after some diagnostics were performed it became official…my Torch¬†was a goner and there was nothing a new battery or repairs could do to bring it back.¬† I said okay get me a new phone and that’s when I was informed¬†that my phone was not under warranty any longer¬†(because I had bought a refurbed¬†phone and they only had a 90 day warranty versus the one year warranty of new phones¬†– that’s another post too).¬† I¬†called¬†ATT back they said I was under warranty and it became a “he said, he said”¬†game.¬† I’m in distress…I don’t need GAMES, I need RESULTS.¬†

My husband was in my ear telling me not to pay $125 for another refurbed phone (that’s what they send you when you get a “new” phone from the insurance side) and I was just so desperate that I didn’t care,¬†JUST GET ME A PHONE!¬† Okay so the two things that set¬†me off was the time it would take to get another phone,¬†it¬†is a holiday weekend so I was looking at Thursday or Friday before I could get the¬†phone; and the claims operator for the insurance company.¬†

Let me say this…¬† I’ve been¬†VERY happy with AT&T and their customer service.¬†¬†Years ago I was a¬†Sprint customer and I¬†STOPPED being a Sprint customers because I was¬†“talked crazy” to one to many times.¬† The problem that I had on Sunday was not with AT&T, it was with the¬†insurance company; and it¬†is not the first time that they have rubbed me the wrong way.¬† I AM 39 YEARS¬†OLD, you are not going to talk to me¬†like I don’t have any sense when it is your job to make me happy.¬† I am the one that is upset and it is the job of the company that I am¬†PAYING for a service to respect me and try to make me feel better.¬† Not only did the representative use the wrong tone with me, but I called her on it and she kept talking to me with the wrong tone and basically daring me to find a better deal somewhere¬†else.¬† Folks I’m six months into a new two-year contract, this would normally cause someone to think about¬†breaking it.¬† I am now a Verizon customer.¬† I found a better deal somewhere¬†else.¬† I don’t have a Blackberry anymore I now have an Android (I’ve been a¬†Blackberry user for about 4 years now and this will be an adjustment for me) and¬†I’m saving¬†more money with my employee discount than before (but I¬†was happy with AT&T so it wasn’t a big deal¬†about discount amounts) and most of the numbers that I call are no longer within my network; but I’m satisfied with my decision.¬† Looking at it on the bright side, my parents will soon be switching to Verizon (most of my Dad’s siblings are with Verizon and he¬†HAS been frustrated with AT&T) and I get to add my “Favorite Five” (just need to figure out who my favorites are. :))

My Dad has always said that I’m as faithful as they come, but if you push me wrong one good time; all that faithfulness goes right out the door.¬† I’ve tried to deny it, but it really is true.¬†¬† Have you ever had to discontinue service with a company due to lack of good customer service?¬† Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Be safe everyone and enjoy your holiday.

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I have got to tell you about this…

Every now and then you come across a product that is so fabulous that you have got to share it with someone.¬† Today I’m going to share with you a product that I think should be a must have for everyone’s kitchen.¬† LEMI SHINE!!!!

Mind you this is not something that is new to me…I’ve used it before.¬† My mother and especially my sister swear by it.¬† But I had walked away from it for a moment.¬† Now I’ve reclaimed my love.¬†

So let me tell you what brought about this return to love.¬† Towards the end of my time in the apartment, the dishwasher was starting to leave a film on my dishes.¬† I actually had stopped using the dishwasher for about a month because I felt the dishwasher was broken.¬† I got REALLY tired of hand washing ALL of my dishes (some I wash because you aren’t supposed to put them in the dishwasher: wooden spoons, my knives, the cast iron skillet).¬† So I started putting things back in the dishwasher and trying to get them clean.¬† I bought Jet Dry rinse aid and still ended up with the ugly film on the forks, plates, glasses, everything.

I finally came across some Lemi Shine at Meijer.  Now the thing that about Lemi Shine is, when you find where to buy it you need to get it.  If you can, you should buy multiples.  Never let it run out because you will regret it if you do. 

The first time I used it back at the house (The dishwasher was on the fritz for a minute, but Stan replaced parts last Friday so we’re back in business.¬† I think I mentioned that we are under construction.) the clouds opened up and the angels sung a little song for me.¬† I pulled out a glass and no spots, no film, just beautifulness.

Then I pulled out one of the spoons…be still my heart.¬† ¬† The final test was one of my blue saucers that had been covered with a film.¬† The saucer was shiny and clean and blue and filmless and just great!¬†

I’m telling you folks…if you get nothing out of this post; get this…..GO GET LEMI SHINE NOW!¬† Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the neighbors.

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