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Bonjour, Mon Amie!

Yep, we did it, we went to Paris.  It was something that we had been wanting to do for awhile, and my husband found out that our city recently started having direct flights to Paris that aren’t terribly expensive.  So last year around Christmas he announced that we were going to Paris for Spring Break. 

I would like to point out that although our city now has direct flights to Paris, we did not get one of those direct flights.  This may have been because my husband has a habit of waiting until a couple of weeks before we are going to make a trip before he actually books the trip.  I cannot seem to get him to move any faster than that on vacation plans and after over 20 years together, I don’t trip on it anymore.  I just wait for the confirmation email so that I can know what date and time we are leaving.

Before we left, there were all sorts of opinions shared about the city, the most prevalent ones were that the city is dirty, the people are rude, and there are pick-pockets everywhere so be on the look-out. I’d like to talk about them.

Lets address the first – the city is dirty.  The city was no more dirty than any other major city throughout the US.  It was not different than New York or Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. Unless you consider the beautiful old buildings and cobblestone streets that speak to the history of the country as dirty, then I’d say that is an inaccurate statement.


The second thing that was said was that the people are rude. I speak a little bit of French, and understand a little bit more.  Babydoll is currently in her third year of French; and I had seven years of French, (but if you don’t use something you really do lose it) I can piece together what to say and what is being said; but we aren’t fluent by any means.  Having said that, we never encountered any rude Parisians.  Once they figured out that we were not fluent if they could speak English, they were all too happy to converse with us.  My husband insisted that we use Uber to get around if we couldn’t walk.  If our drivers did not know English it was usually a quite ride, but they were never rude.  We even had one driver use a Google app to allow us to converse with her and she with us.  Keep in mind it is a busy metropolitan city and it’s fast paced, not unlike New York or Chicago; so there was no stopping on the street for a friendly chat and they just walked past you to get to where they were going.  Although occasionally you would run across some elderly people strolling down the street having discussions and enjoying the day or walking their dog.



Pickpockets…..we didn’t encounter them.  I can’t said that I could attribute that to use or the lack thereof; but we didn’t run into anyone shady.  My husband and I both grew up in the inner-city what we call “the hood”, and because of that we are very mindful and watchful of our surroundings all the time.  Between the two of us and what we have tried to instill in Babydoll, you gotta be really good to get one over on us.  It may happen one day, but as of my 46 years on this earth, it has not happened yet. 


There were tons of street vendors around the Eiffel Tower, but even while we were in awe of the magnificence of the structure , we weren’t messed with.  They wanted you to buy, buy, buy as you were coming and leaving and that was about it. 

I loved the city and I wish I had of had more time there; and I’m totally looking forward to going back.  I can’t wait to share more pictures and stories in the upcoming weeks.  Until next week,




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New Clothes For Me?

Recently in my weight-loss journey I have come to the point where my clothes are starting to be a bit too baggy. The majority of my dress slacks are pretty expensive because of my long legs (I’m not super tall – only 5’10.5” – but I have long legs – 36” inseam). For my good slacks I’ve spent ~$100 per pair, therefore, I’m not throwing these out. I will have them altered when the time is right. But when is the right time? That’s the dilemma that I am currently dealing with. I still need to keep my dress standards the same while at work, I like to look good even when I’m working in the lab. I looked at myself in the mirror while in the restroom at work and thought, “Girl, you look frumpy. Those clothes are too big.” I have worn this outfit before, but not since my weight loss has begun to show.

Some people would say, that now I should begin purchasing new clothes. The thing is, I still have at least another 20lbs to lose before I get to my real goal weight. Because of this, I don’t think buying new clothes is something I should be doing, at least not a significant amount of money on new. So, what do I do?

I went to my mother for advice, because she has recently lost a ton of weight. It was due primarily to a horrible reaction to the prescribed medicine that she had after her first knee replacement and her inability to eat anything for 2-3 weeks. She told me of her clothing transition due to weight loss. Her first suggestion is to get rid of the items that are too big, unless I plan to go back to that size. Hello, I have spent $100 on 1 pair of pants. I only take them to be dry cleaned and are meticulously taken care of….I’m not giving them away. I’ll have them altered, but not give them away.

The second thing she recommended, was to wear clothes that are supposed to be looser or straight. Things that have stretching possibilities. She said that I should purchase things that are not too pricey – things on the clearance or sale rack. I’ve thought about this a lot, looked in my closet to see what is in there that fits that description, and I think this is the route that I’m going to take. I’m going to wear more tunic dresses,



the maxi and midi dresses that I own, leggings (if I can find shirts and more kimonos that appropriately cover my hips),

Image result for leggings with tunic



Image result for pencil skirt with boots

and pants that have elastic waistbands.  I’m thinking I’ll look for the inexpensive items at Marshall’s, TJMaxx, Amazon, and even Meijer (don’t sleep on Meijer y’all, I’ve found some really cute skirts, maxi dresses, and shirts there).  I also have to keep in mind that I don’t want to get too many things, because I’m transitioning and may end up getting smaller than my current size (hopefully).

Wish me luck guys in my search.  My goal is to continue to keep myself classically trending while I slim down.  I welcome any advice you may have and I welcome all stories of someone else’s weight loss journey.  Until next time.


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Another Goal Part 2….Finances

Last week I talked to you about setting and keeping to a budget.  This week I’ll continue with my Financial goal discussion.  So, I’ve set up the budget planner.  Another thing I decided to fix was my credit card and medical bill debt.  I had a major surgery back in 2015.  This surgery was supposed to be a 24 hour thing.  I have the surgery and the next day I go home and recuperate for 6 weeks and go on with my life.  We calculated the cost of the surgery and how much my insurance would cover and what I would owe afterwards.  I paid the balance 3 days before I went in to surgery.  It turns out that major surgery that was supposed to be a 24 hour thing ended up being a REALLY MAJOR surgery that required an extra 3 hours in surgery, an extra surgeon and an extra 6 days in the hospital.  As a result the money that I paid to cover my balance was not enough and it ended up costing another $5000.  Oh yeah….they didn’t tell me about those additional charges until a year later.  I began making payments on that bill in March of 2017 and will probably finish up by March of 2020; unless I find a way to kill this.  I also spent some time with a physical therapist because of some back pain.  This turned out to be a ~$700 bill.  I tell you, I’m over medical bills. 

I can’t begin to tell you what my credit card debt is/was.  It’s not that it’s super high, I just hadn’t figured out what it is/was.  I was offered a line of credit with a low interest rate so I took the opportunity to figure out the bills that I could easily take care of with the line of credit and those that weren’t going anywhere anytime soon – car payment, student loans (yep, I still have them), a high interest credit line with an unreal balance (I don’t want to talk about it), and medical debt.  I then looked at the balance of my credit cards and calculated what my total monthly payments to those lines of credit were.  I then looked at what a monthly payment for the line of credit would be if I used it to pay off the credit card debt.  I could do it and have some money to spare.  There were a few things that I knew would be paid off in a year or less, so I didn’t include them in the credit card debt – these included a line of credit from Paypal and the medical bill from my surgery.  Looking back, I should have included the surgery bill balance.  I spend $129/month on that bill, I could have paid it off and the extra expense to my loan payment would have been less than $30.  I wasn’t thinking on that one and missed the ball; I was only looking at the total monthly payment and what it would be and not how much it would be saving.   I tell you I had regretted that decision almost everyday until about a week ago.  I hope to tell you about that, but I don’t want to get side tracked.  I’m talking abut paying off credit card debt right now.  I was approved for the loan, and I paid off 85% of my credit card debt in January.  I can’t tell you how freeing it was to get an email from CreditKarma each time something was paid off.  It made me so happy and proud.  I know you are wondering why I said 85% and not 100%.  There were a few bills that I made purchases on after I got the loan payment – 1) was because my husband returned some items that I purchased for him for Christmas and what he exchanged it for was more than what I spent, so I ended up paying more; 2) I wasn’t sure what the balance was going to be on a charge and I estimated incorrectly; and 3) Zulily ended up having a great deal on New Balance one event and I had been looking at New Balance sneakers as a replacement for my gym and walking shoes, they have a plan with their credit cards where you can pay it off in 3 payments and I opted for that option – I’ll have that paid off this month.  The others will be paid off in two months.  It sounds bad even as I write this, but I’m telling you, I’m not sliding down that slope.  It will be done.  I will be credit debt free by May.  

A quick note about my surgery bill.  I first have to tell you about my student loans.  I am paying that loan on an income based repayment plan that I have to resign up for every year around the same time.  At the end of the year, I filled out my paperwork and submitted it and waited to see if I was approved and what my payment would be.  I was totally nervous, because I truly couldn’t afford for it to go up any more.  I’m in pay off mode, I can’t add any extra!  I got a response back in January saying that I was approved, but it did not tell what the payment would be.  I kept going back to my account to see if they would tell me and I got nothing.  Finally last week and got an email saying that I was approved and my payment starting in March would be…….wait for it……$0.00.  WHAT!!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!  Won’t he do it!  I now had $195 that I had budgeted for that I no longer had to pay.  Before you thing think I’m going to use that money to go crazy every month, think again.  I’m in pay off mode.  I have decided, that I’m going to divide that money up three ways.  $100 will go towards my surgery bill (Yep!!!! I’ll explain it in a minute), $50 going towards the student loan principle, and $45 will go into savings.  The months that I’m short, I won’t make a student loan payment or savings deposit; but I will always make the extra surgery bill payment.  You want to know why?  Because by paying the extra $100 each month, I can pay off that bill by September.  I no longer regret not adding that bill to my pay off loan.  Because it would have been an extra $30/month for 3 years instead of being done with the bill completely in 6 months.  I tell you God has a plan for you; you can’t always or even most of the time see it, but if you trust Him, He won’t stir you wrong.  This entire pay off loan was God driven.  I had rejected the idea of this type of loan for over a year, but kept asking God to guide me in how to move forward with my finances.  This offer kept coming up and I kept deleting the email.  He started yelling at me to take this opportunity at the end of the year.  I had to move on what He was telling and I’m so glad I did. 

Ok, lets talk about my savings plan.  I have 3 savings accounts.  Yeah, you read that right, 3 savings accounts.  The first is my primary savings that get $5 auto deposited every Friday and any purchases I make with my debit card is rounded to the next dollar and the difference is deposited into the primary account.  The second account is actually the “checking” account for my dba.  I typically deposit $10 each pay period.  The final account I have is something that I started a couple of years ago.  It is based on the $.25 savings challenge.


I usually double the amount because I use half of it for my daughters 529 College Savings plan that I deposit a certain amount every month, then deposit the remaining balance earned by the end of the year.  The first year that, I ended up spending those savings on my fur-baby Sasha Fierce, because of course there has to be some type of emergency that takes your savings when you’ve accomplished a milestone.  Sad smile  I started that savings all over again last year and was able to keep the savings intake (if I took from it, I put it back in asap). 

The primary savings account is used when I’m running low in my checking account.  I try to keep a minimum of $100 in there at all times.  Not to say that I only have $100 in there; I’m saying that when it gets low I move things around when I get to $100. 

I think the $45 from student loan that I’m going to put into savings I should alternate between my dba savings and my $.25 savings.  That way I can build up both of the accounts.  

So that’s the gist of my financial goals.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, I plan on checking in with you guys about the progression of my goals.  I hope that I remembered everything in my post.  I’m going to be honest, I started this on day and finished it on another.  Part two was started on the same day that part one was written, but was finished a couple days later.  Some of my thoughts may have been lost in the wayside.  Having said that, if you have a financial goal that you are working on this year, comment below.  It would be great to hear of someone else’s journey.  If you have a suggestion for something that you are doing that has worked for you, let me know.  I’m always open to suggestions.  Until next time.


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My Third Goal

This weeks post is going to focus on another goal that I set for myself this year – taking better control of my finances.

The first thing I should mention is that I have always established a budget and for the most part I follow it.  Scratch that, I have always kept track of what I needed to spend money on and how much money I have to spend.  I usually sit down to do that every week on payday.  I have written out a budget, but I don’t usually keep to it strictly.  I tend to pay very close attention to what I spend weekly, but never look at the month and how I did as a whole.  Does that make any sense?  Ok, this is what one of the sheets that I create every week on payday looks like.


Part of my goal is to go from that, to using a monthly budget sheet, checking in weekly to see how I’m doing, and at the end of the month do a review and see where I’ve succeeded, where I’ve failed and how I can improve.  Additionally, I want to save more – save for my Babydoll’s education (I have a 529 Savings plan, but I need to add more to it), save for things I want to do in the future, save to have a nice emergency fund (a real one – the one they say you should have but most people don’t).  Finally, I would like to get my credit card and medical bill debt to be gone.  I just feel like a lot of my income goes to those two areas and it hinders me from saving and spending my money the way I want to.  This is the year that I have set the goal to establish a habit of budgeting effective and efficiently. 

I’ve been looking online, watching YouTube videos, looking at books all in a attempt on what could possibly work for me.  Something that I can do and stick to.  I need to also have a way to be made accountable.  I read that it is a good idea to have a financial buddy.  Someone that you sit down with every few months to go over what you have been doing, are you sticking to your budget, where you stand with your goal, etc.  The thing is, I don’t have anyone to do those things with.  I have friends that are either keeping track with their husbands, or they’re not keeping track.  You’re probably wondering why I don’t do it with my husband?  We discuss our household budget, this is my personal budget and financial goals.  I guess, I’ll use this blog to be my financial buddy.  You guys can keep me honest and accountable.  I’ll check in every few months and let you know what I’ve been up to, how I’m doing with my financial targets, where I’m succeeding and failing. 

I had started the new year (and the ending of last year) with a mini Happy Planner trying to establish it as my budget planner.  I couldn’t find the mini budget extension pack to save my life. So I went about trying to find another way to establish my monthly budget.  I used an Excel spreadsheet that I had used previously, but found I wasn’t recording my transactions until the next week that I needed to set the budget. 


I had the large budget extension pack pages, and used that to keep a record of my daily transactions.  I got lazy and stopped writing down the transactions around the end of January.  I needed to do better.


One day while at Hobby Lobby, I found these small budget sheets. 


I liked the way they looked and decided to use them in my mini “budget planner”.  Of course I couldn’t figure out how to insert it in to an established planner layout.  I needed something different.  During a planner meetup, someone talked about her monthly Happy Planner.  I had been thinking that I wanted a monthly spread and then a place to write out my budget; then a place to review it all.  I have begun to watch Shay Budgets on YouTube and her Erin Condren planner that she uses as her budget planner was similar to what I wanted.  Research revealed that the monthly Happy Planner would work for me. 


Last week, I went to JoAnn’s to see what if I could find a monthly planner and luck was on my side!  I found one and it was clearanced out for ~$8!  I set it up like this for the month. 


I decided to keep the pages that I got from Hobby Lobby because I like the look of them. 


I like that I can keep track of things monthly and weekly. 


I’ve decided to look for the same pages in a larger version so that it will fit in my new planner.  I’m going to figure out how to use the “Daily To Do” and “Notes” pages.  I’m going to use the goal page and the progress update page. 


Ok…this post has gotten long enough and I’m not through with all I’ve done and am going to do in this financial journey.  I’m going to continue next week with those things in my next post.  As usual, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  Until next week.


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One of many goals….

Hello everyone,

At the beginning of the year I mentioned that I had several goals that I would be working on this year; and that I would share what they are at a later date.  Well, the next few post (not including the weekly planner spreads) will discuss what they are and how I’m going to accomplish them.

This week I’m going to talk about my healthy body goal. 

In May of 2018, I joined Weight Watchers. 

Image result for weight watchers

This happened after being a little frustrated with how my body was looking and what I wanted it to look like.  Let me first tell you that in my early 20’s I did some modeling – hence I was a little person.  Not little short, but little thin; I was 5’10.5” and weighed 126 lbs – I was little y’all.  I got married at 28 years old still 126 lbs.  I was super thin and honestly do not want to be that small again, but I want to be smaller than I am now.  I’m not huge, but I’m not at my idea size and not super toned.  I like to eat most healthy things, I’m not a huge snacker (because I’m too lazy most often to go get the snacks), and although I love to bake, I’m not a big sweet eater (because again I’m too lazy to go get the sweets once I’ve finally set down).  My problem folks is portion control.  You know how when you were young, your mother/father told you that you needed to eat everything on your plate?  I haven’t let that go.  So most often when I sit down to eat, I work really hard to finish everything on my plate, even though I’m full.  Weight Watchers was having a special at the perfect time – whatever I had on that day didn’t look as smooth as I wanted it to be and I knew it was because of my weight.  I signed up for the part of the program where I do not attend the meetings but I can still track what I eat and the points I’m assigned that will help me get to my goal weight.  It has really been an eye-opener.  Did you know that smoothies are not point friendly?  All of those “healthy” smoothies that I was drinking each morning made with pineapple, carrots, spinach and coconut water (sometimes mango, strawberries, peaches – but always with spinach and coconut water and carrots) were like half of my daily allotted points!  I haven’t had a smoothie since May. 

I have become more conscience of what I am eating.  I have learned to choose the healthier options for salad dressings or learning to have a salad without so many extras.   This balsamic vinaigrette I’m currently loving is this one….


I was looking in my olive oil cabinet and found a blood orange balsamic vinegar that I want to make into a vinaigrette after I finish this bottle.

I now make sure my vegetable and lean protein intake covers more of my plate.  I still have some of my favorites, like a homemade biscuit or slice pecan pie; now I have it less often.  I have had to find new snacks when I want something crunchy.  I am still learning how to use peanut butter powder instead of peanut butter – cause I really love peanut butter and I really miss it. I have found the Chobani Savors as a replacement for sour cream.


One of the lunches I had this week looks like this. 


Pulled pork with a small side salad (I apologize for that picture, I don’t know why it came out fuzzy), coleslaw made with Chobani Savors, a little, little bit of mayonnaise, honey, apple cider vinegar, and dijon mustard; and of course my apple, orange and, because I found one this week, pineapple.


My fruit bowl is always full of grapefruit, lemons, apples and oranges. 


I have the lemons in my water and grapefruit for breakfast a few days a week.  I try to have an apple (Honeycrisp, please)  and orange each day for lunch.  I add pineapple if I can find it at a great price.


I think it was helpful over the holidays when Stan and Babydoll became sick with that sinus thing that is going around.

Needless to say I have lost some weight – 23 lbs – and still need another 22 lbs before I get to my first goal weight.  So Yay for me for losing the 23 lbs!!!!

In addition to being a part of WW, our family joined the Y last September.  We had been wanting to join the Y for a while, but we just couldn’t justify the cost at the time. This time, Stan and I were both on a mission to slim down, there was a new Y opening up near our home soon, and we found that my job had an employee discount offered for the Y.  Babydoll has been wanting us to sign up, because she is a swimmer and most Y’s have pools (the location near us did not, but the new one was going to have it). 

Another thing that I had issue with was finding the time to go to the gym.  My schedule is not conducive to me going to the gym after work; I have too much to do.  Plus, by the time I get everything done, I just want to sit down; I do not want to go to a crowded gym and try to find a machine I can use – I have been advised by my Orthopedist to have no part of a treadmill with my knee being a contender for replacement.  I took a careful look at my schedule and made a mental commitment to go 2 days a week as well as walking daily (even in cold weather).

So now, I have three things that I have set a goal to be committed to – Weight Watchers, walking daily unless the weather is not conducive to it (rain, extreme temperatures, or ice would be the only deterrent because I am walking outside), and going to the gym at least 2 days a week.  Then this year, I decided to add challenges.  This month, me and Babydoll  are doing a challenge that truly has been a test….it is a challenge.


It’s basically the squats, crunches and wall sit that are taking us out.  Oh, I hate the plank too.  You know what, it is all bad.   Next month, we are going to focus on ab and arm work, since they are the parts of my body I really want to have defined by the summer (another goal). 

I hope that I have articulated what my healthy body goal is: there are two goal weights, I want to have definition in my arms and abs, I want to commit to at least two days per week, and walking daily unless the weather is dangerous outside. 

I will tell you about my others goals (financial, spiritual, travel) in the weeks to come. Do you have a healthy body goal?  Do you have a beginners challenge that you want to recommend? Is there a snack or dessert that is healthy you would recommend?  Comment below, I would love to hear from you. 


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After Christmas Haul

The other day, I had to pick up some things from the grocery store that I forgot to purchase – Babydoll was returning to school and I had forgotten some lunch essentials.  My first thought was to go to Meijer, but that wasn’t really in the area that I was in; Walmart was.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I’m not a huge fan of Walmart.  Oh don’t get it twisted, I shop there (I’ll have to talk at a later time about Christmas lay-a-way); but it is NEVER my first place to go and if someone tells me they got something from Walmart that I want, I groan long and loud. 

Ok, so I went in Walmart and I parked on the “Home” side – there was less traffic on that side.  I remembered that I needed to look for a replacement straw for my ThermoFlask cup so headed to that area.  It just so happened that the Clearance section is over in that area also and I never not look at the clearance area of any store I step into.  That day began the 90% off sale for all Christmas related items.  There were ladies over there going through stuff that had multiple –yes I said multiple – carts.  I took my cart over and looked at what Walmart had.  I had already purchased several rolls of wrapping paper and felt I didn’t needed any more.  But gift bags – I could always use those.  I looked for bags that were neutral enough to be able to be used for other occasions besides Christmas.  I also picked up the gift boxes and some tassels (not shown). 



Then I kept perusing all of the Clearance aisles.  I found some white lights (for Babydolls white tree) and stocking stuffers that would be great for my husband next year (I won’t show those in case he stumbles across this page – of course he could forget by next Christmas but I don’t want to chance it).

Then I stumbled across the aisle that had kitchen gadgets.  I didn’t lose my mind, but I was able to score some great finds. 


It was early (I had just dropped of Babydoll at school) and I really didn’t want to wake my mother because they are retired and are no longer early risers.  But stuff was 90% off!  I had to call to see if she needed anything.  I picked up some things for my mom after talking to her; she needed most of the same things I got, but she didn’t get the rolling pin (they didn’t have anymore of them) and she also got two 2-packs of tongs with her colors being navy blue and red.

Finally I went to get the things that I came into the store for and headed to the register.  They only had 1 lane that was manned by a cashier and the line was long, so I went to the U-Scan lane.  I was able to purchase the items that I came in for with no problem, but the clearance items were not ringing up discounted.  I ended up going to a cashiered lane (along with some other people who were having the same issue that I was) and this is where the excitement happened.  First, I need to tell you that the ladies that had multiple carts were in their own lanes and it was comical how they were ringing up all of the items they had acquired.  New registers were opened up because it was going to take a while to ring up all of their stuff.   I let someone go ahead of me who only had a couple of 4 foot trees, some extension cords, and lights – that ladies got those trees for $2 each.

I was able to purchase all of my mothers items for $1.28.  Let’s marinate in that for a moment.  I got 2 sets of tongs, a stainless steel colander, silicon oven mitts, and zester for $1.28

My total for all of the bags, the stocking stuffers (they are not cheesy gifts either), the kitchen utensils, white lights, the gift boxes and some decorative tassels was $17.25.  Yep…$17.25!


I’m not a fan of Walmart, but moments like this keep me coming back (but only very early in the day before people really start to show up. Smile)

Have you had any great after Christmas hauls?  Let me know in the comments section below.  See you guys next week.


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Happy New Beginnings!!!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that you and your family had a safe and restful holiday season.  And now it’s time to get started on this new year running.  This is the first year that I have decided to actually have goals that I’m not just going to say in my head, but write them down and actively make moves to accomplish them.  I’ve written them down so that I can visually see them and I’ve already begun working on them.   I’m calling these goals and not resolutions, because in my mind a goal is something you work towards and a resolution is something that you resolve to do.  To me a goal is a process that can grow and evolve and I want meet my goals and then let them evolve to something more.  So I have set goals and not resolutions.  I will do goal check in’s to see how I am progressing, see if I need to modify my roadmap, or something else.   

One of the first goals that I have is to actually use this awesome blog.  I have had this blog for over six years, and initially I was consistent in my post; but over the years it seems that life has gotten the best of me and my post have come a screeching halt.  In 2019 that ends.  My goal is to post at least weekly. 

I titled this post Happy New Beginnings because I am going to add some new things to the site.  Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to share what my goals are and how I plan to move forward to accomplish them as well as share some of the new things I’m adding to the site.  Please check-in weekly to see the changes and additions.

Comment below to let me know what things you would love to see in the blog.  Or just comment to let me know you’re keeping me accountable.  What goals have you set for 2019 and how do you plan accomplish them.  Let’s be each others goal checkers.  We can hold each other accountable.  Thanks for checking my out and I’ll see you soon.


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