Planner Spread week 5/11/2020

Happy week following Mother’s Day,

I hope that everyone had a pleasant Mother’s Day while making smart socially healthy decisions. I apologize for posting this sooooo late in the week, but it’s been crazy busy around here. BABYDOLLS BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEK! My baby will be 16!!!! What?! It is mind-boggling. She has stated emphatically that she does not want any party or drive-by celebration (this makes me sad), but she does want her torquiose and chocolate swirl cake and ALL the gift cards so that she can do her shopping online. She has also requested a “photo shoot” that I have been deligated as the official photographer (we had a guy, but COVID came). The dresses have been ordered as well as the balloons and tiera.

Enough about my baby growing up… is the spread for the week. The colors and accessories were chosen based upon this one quote.

I really liked the blue color, so I grabbed the florals with that blue color in mind.

This is a pay week and I’ve included the budget sticker for the dashboard. Also, I made some corrections to the designed planner pages that I created and this is what I’m using currently. I’m really excited about the design and the way it looks. I’m so proud of myself.

I really liked this spread, I think it turned out really pretty. Have a great rest of your week, and please please do not take your health (and your families) for granted. I know most of us are going stir-crazy and suffering from the need to interact with others outside of our home; but please continue to be cautious.

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