Planner Spread week of 5/4/2020

Happy 1st full week of May. We are still keeping healthy by social distancing. Our govenor has released a plan to ease the social restrictions, but we may continue to distance as much as possible. I’d rather be safe, then rush things and have a rise in incidents again.

Anyway, this weeks spread was inspired by the dress, I chose to wear Monday. I love the dark, richness of the colors on the dress and kept that in mind when I chose my stickers.

The way that I’m standing is not flattering to my figure AT ALL, but I really just wanted to show the dress.

These flowers came out of the Florals sticker book by Happy Planner. There are located in the back of the sticker book.

I am using the new planner pages that I designed in my effort to have neutral pages that won’t require me to do tons of whiting out. There are some corrections that I will be making (making the lines go all the way out in my “To Do” section) and I will have to make sure that I cut the pages in the correct places (I was trying to do a bulk cut using the monthly pages as a guide); but I am TOTALLY in love with the look overall.

I do wish I could have covered more of the white space on this page with flowers, because in my mind I was seeing the dark of the dress and really wanted the page to reflect that.

The heart flags came because of the quote that I used this week.

I started writing dinner plans before I remembered to take my photos this morning.

I forgot to put my book club sticker on Saturday and the meeting sticker on Monday for my virtual staff planning meeting, I added those later. There are quit a few things on my “To Do” list this week. I try to write them down as the come to me so that I don’t forget. How are you using your planner these days?

As I mentioned last week, I want to share an in-depth budget spread with everyone, but I’m not sure how to go about that. I’ve taken some photos, just need to figure out how to present them. Oh well, I’m off to make dinner…..buffalo chicken meatballs with onion rings & zucchini chips and mexican street corn.

Until next time,

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