Planner Spread 5/18/2020

Happy Monday you cool cats and kittens,

I watched that Netflix documentary and have to say it was something. We (Babydoll and I) were unable to binge it because it was too much. We really had to break it up or we would have not been able to take it. Okay…quickly to the spread. It’s Babydoll”s 16th birthday and I’m spending the day with her, I wanted to post this quickly while I have a break. She just had me watch Moana (I still hadn’t seen it) and soon I will be watching the live action Aladdin.

The spread this week is based on my Babydoll’s birthday.

I got 90% of the stickers from this book.

I wanted more balloons, but then started thinking it would be too much.

We didn’t do a huge celebration like we initially planned because of social distancing, but her best friends did surprise her and come by with balloons and gifts. We cut the cake (I made a cake at her request and I will post about it later this week when I have time to get all the photos together) and they ate some of it and took some home. We will have cake and pizza (again her request) as well as open gifts once we finish watching Aladdin.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Until next time,

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