Earring making…I’m getting better.

I started making earrings for myself and as gifts for friends late last year. Initially, I was primarily making the drop earrings and made some attempts with other media (paper clips and wire), that had some success and there were some misses.

Made with a paper clip and considered a miss.
Although I hadn’t mastered the art of making perfect hooks, I considered these a hit.

I recently started working with leather – strips and larger pieces that are cut – and have had some cute products come out of them (I need to figure out how to relax some of the leather in some pieces).

With this photo you can see the tape that is used to keep the leather pieces aligned, but it is unnoticeable when they are worn.
I need to figure out how to get these pieces to hang straight down.

Last weekend (and the following Monday), I made a few pairs of earrings as prizes for our Family Bingo. I began experimenting with memory wire and chains.

Hoops made with memory wire
These were made three different ways before I found a design that I liked.

Those are just a few of the earrings that I’ve made, you can see how I’ve improved over time. There have been others that were fabulous, but they were gifts and I didn’t take pictures of them so that I wouldn’t be tempted to post them on Instagram before I was able to give them away (that would spoil the surprise). Mother’s day is coming up and I have some ideas for gifts for my mother.

Until next time,

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