Planner Spread 4/27/2020

Happy end of April beginning of May week everyone,

We’ve made it through an official month of quarantine, how you feeling?

This week my spread started with the pink flowers with green leaves. I chose the quote because I needed a little motivation. This is a pay week for me, which you can tell by my budget insert.

I also decided to use a few of my “mini sista’s” on my daily pages to notate Monday’s weigh in and that I really need to get some reading done this weekend.

I’ve been working on my new planner pages because I’m in need of neutral planner pages. I have some pages created and will begin using them next week. I can see where some modifications will need to be made, but I’m excited for the possiblities.

During the next couple of months, you will see a lot of flowers in my spreads, because I love the flowers AND when I think of spring, I think of flowers. Here’s the final spread.

Finally, I have another show recommendation. Babydoll and I are currently watching High Fidelity. It is a Hulu remake of the John Cusack classic (yeah I called it a classic). This version has Zoe Kravitz as Rob Brooks (I know, a female Rob, what a twist). I will not give spoilers, because I don’t like them, but I’m highly recommending this show. Babydoll and I have been really rationing the episodes, because we don’t want it to end. We are down to the last episode and our anxiety of the possibilities is real. Will she make things right with Clyde (that’s not a spoiler), that’s all we want to know. That’s my recommendation and I’m sticking with it. We don’t really have anything else on the TBW (to be watched) list, so still looking for recommendations.

If you like the movie/show recommendations, comment below and I’ll keep them coming. Or comment with suggestions that you might have. To all the new subscribers, thanks so much for joining, I get a thrill every time I’m notified there’s someone new. Let me know if there’s something you would love me to write about. I’m thinking of doing a budget with me for the month of May. It’s time for some transparency. I kind of dread it, but it will be for growth.

Until next time,

2 Comments Add yours

  1. donna spearman says:

    hello how is everyone doing I miss you guys hope all is doing well

    1. Lonnita says:

      Hello Donna, so glad to hear from you. We were just talking about you. We are all doing well…staying distanced. How’s your family holding up?

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