Catering, tea parties, and travel

This weekend was supposed to be preparation for our upcoming trip to Houston; however that was not necessarily the case.  I had a small catering job on Saturday.  I needed to get a couple meat trays, a veggie and cheese tray and homemade brownies together for around 30 people .  I also had to make sure that I stayed to make sure that everything went smoothly and refill any trays that required it when need be.  I still needed to go to the grocery store that morning because Meijer had their Christmas trees on sale  for one day only and we needed a new tree.  I don’t do real trees anymore because I refuse to be frustrated with lights (I won’t carefully wrap each tree branch with lights nor will I spend countless hours trying to unravel so that I can carefully wrap each tree branch).  So I arrived at Meijer bright and early got a few groceries for the house, some supplies for my Monday delivery, the remaining items needed for the gig that day and a new Christmas tree. 

My plan was to go shopping for a tea party dress for Kristian after I finished my catering job, but I found the cutest balloon dress while in the store; all I needed to do was find a sweater.  BTW…can anyone explain the reasoning behind the holiday dresses for little girls that are sleeveless?  It’s November & December for God’s sake!!!  Not everyone lives in the south or west coast where the weather can be 70 or 80 degrees this time of year!  I was glad to find the dress, but still needed to find a sweater (my baby is “blessed” with long appendages – arms and legs –  like her momma thus the need to buy sweaters every year; pray for me later when I have to search high and low for pants long enough to cover all those legs).  We made the mistake of going into Burlington Coat Factory on a Saturday!  I found the sweater quickly, but I was also looking for a new pair of dress shoes and that was a nightmare.  After 20 minutes of frustration (1: because it was sooooo crowded and 2: because Kristian is in the in-between size where her foot is too small for big girl shoes, but too big for toddler shoes) I finally found a pair that fits and we dashed out of that store with the quickness.  Kristian and I were so tired that evening I think we both had on our pajamas (more like loungewear) by 7:30 and we were laying in bed with no intention of leaving them until the next morning.

Sunday promised to be a crazy day and extremely busy: I was to meet a friend who was in town for the holidays, bake for my delivery and for our travel, get Kristian to her tea party and work on cleaning my house.  Supermom was at it again.  🙂

Look how fabulous my baby looked for her tea party.  She refused to wear one of the hats provided, because she was not messing up her hair.  She is such a diva…but a gorgeous one.

With all that I had to do, I still made time to cook dinner along with this wonderful Iced  Pumpkin Raisin cookie, (whose recipe Igot from a cookie class at Williams Sonoma) that we are taking on our train ride, got started on the cherry crumble  as well as completing the pound cake that was an order from a loyal patron of Red Oven Creations,  completing most of my laundry, vaccuming (this was at 9 pm but I got it done) and was determined to finish this case for my Kindle (wanted a new cover, but didn’t want to spend the $50-100 for it.  Here is a picture of the final product which I will post how I did another day, it still needs some tweeking but looks good to me and it holds that Kindle like a charm). 

I just love that blue lining on the inside, I'm going to make bedroom pillows out of it.

Pause, so I can catch my breath….

I had to go to work on Monday (WHY WHY WHY!!)…it’s insanity, but I’ll have to explain it one day.  I kept thinking of all the things I still needed to do, but through it all I got it done…I think.  It is now 3:55 in the am (or O’dark thirty as I call it) and I have been up for nearly two hours mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms and making sure that my home is clean so I can come back to a totally clean space.  Does anyone else out there have to make sure their home is clean before a trip? I actually want to change sheets but I really don’t have time as I’m sitting here completing this post.  I need to get going…

I pray that everyone has a save and happy Thanksgiving holiday.  This is the beginning of the eating season, lets indulge until our eyes cross. 🙂

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