I’ve been inspired

We spent the holiday week with my Uncle and Aunt in Houston.  My Aunt Jeffie is the best organizer and hostess.  She always has everything perfect; she says that’s not true so I will add that it is as close to perfect as could be.  Whenever I spend time with her I always feel inspired to get myself together. 

My Aunt has the neatest linen closet out there…tons of soft, fluffy towels that are neatly folded, all of her toiletries neatly arranged (bought in bulk),  and there was no clutter to be found.  You take a step into her kitchen pantry and the lights from heaven shine down and the angels start to sing…”AAAAHHHHH”.  Everything is neatly arranged, but not OCD arranged.  She has the jars labeled, the nuts (pecans, walnuts, and almonds) in their own jars, dry goods on one side, storage containers and wraps on another…just beautiful. 

All of these things coupled with a beautifully decorated home has inspired me to get better organized.  Not necessarily copy her ideas (some of the things I already do), but just to take it to a whole new level.  The organization ideas that I have had in my head; I need to implement them.  It’s amazing how small things can make a huge difference.  For example…I have been saying that I’m going to add baskets to the cabinet in my kitchen.  It was made as a type of island for me that is not really in the middle of the kitchen but more like against the wall .  I use it to place bread on one shelf, accessories on one shelf, and some miscellaneous stuff on the last shelf.  I bought a couple of baskets  yesterday and already everything looks so much better – neater, cleaner, organized.  I looked at that island and I smiled . 🙂

Thank you Aunt Jeffie for inspiring me.  Who or what inspires you.

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