Homemade Chinese

On occasion I have the urge to have good Chinese food, but since we live in a city where the really good places seem to close up just when we find them.  Unfortunately I can’t get to Chicago without a three hour drive to get good food and I truly love to cook, so I’ve learned to make the things that I love to eat.  Last night I wanted Chinese – particularly fried rice.  I’m not talking about that stuff you get at subpar restuarants that has peas and carrots (do you think you would find peas and carrots in fried rice in China?); I’m talking about good stuff.  So I made two cups of rice in the rice cooker (a must have in any kitchen) before I went to work, took some shrimp out of the freezer and made plans to get some bean sprouts, green onion and chicken.  Whenever I make fried rice, I feel the need to accompany it with egg rolls and Kristian is a sucker for Crab Ragoons.  Wal-mart has some really good egg rolls in their deli department.  I made my plans and I stuck with them.

After working a full day and getting my eyebrows waxed, I headed home to make my quick meal of shrimp and chicken fried rice and some store bought egg rolls and crab ragoons (unfortunately I didn’t get them from Wal-mart, just something from the freezer department).  When I got home I realized that I had forgotten the green onion in my rush to get to my eyebrow waxing done before Stan had to get to a training class.  CRAP!  Oh well…I have white onion and I’ll use it.

I decided to get chicken tenderloins  instead of boneless skinless chicken breast because I wanted a juicy chicken but I have an aversion to chicken thighs (it’s a long story that I might find the time to tell you about) so chicken tenderloins it was.  I cut them up into mid-sized chunks and sauteed them in some canola oil in my wok skillet while I peeled the shrimp, cut onion and minced garlic.  I love eggs in my rice so I pulled out six eggs and scrambled them up.  Once the chicken was cooked through, I quickly sauteed the shrimp while I quized Kristian on her spelling words.  I added a little more canola oil to the wok (which was on very slightly high heat) and added a little sesame oil.  I added my diced onion and let cook a little bit before adding the garlic.  I then added the cooked rice and then a good measure of soy sauce.  I broke up the rice in the soy sauce and combined everything in the skillet.  I then added the egg, chicken and finally the shrimp.     I let it all cook together for a second while I rinsed off my bean sprouts (Kristian was going to kill me…she said she only wanted chicken, shrimp, eggs and rice. :)) and then added them.  The final addition was alittle ginger powder (it sets it off).  My homemade fried rice was done and it actually took me less than 15 minutes once I had everything prepped.  Man it was pretty.  What do you think?

My finished project

As I predicted Kristian had a fit when she found the bean sprouts (I thought I had picked them all out) but perked up when she saw the ragoons.  Unfortunately they weren’t any good.  :(.  She didn’t eat them, but ate most of her rice.  I set down to chow down and let me tell you it was sooooo good.

It looks so good.

I would give you the specific recipe if  actually had one.  I cook  alot by looks and taste most of the time; especially this kind of stuff.   I think chinese is a wonderful combination of things thrown into the wok that comes out fabulous.

What’s your favorite chinese recipe?

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