2021 Goals

Hey Guys,

I was thinking about what my goals should be for this year. How are they going to differ from the ones made last year? Did I accomplish my goals that were made for last year? What steps will I take to accomplish these new goals?

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First…what are my goals for 2021?

1)Pay off debt – I have this goal every year, and it is something that has been a continual goal. I want to be a position where I have more disposal money that I can use to place in a retirement fund (that will be discussed in another goal that I will talk about.), disposable travel money, and funds that I can use for Babydoll when she goes to college.

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2) Invest money – I have special savings that I put aside that is used to finance one of Babydolls college funds and another portion of it has been so that I can begin to invest in the market. I also had a retirement fund account from a previous employer that I was not able to add money to, but was still making money so I was content to leave it as it was. I decided this year that I wanted to open a new Roth IRA account and transfer that money over and begin making a monthly deposit into the new account. I want to get these goals done in the 1st quarter of 2021 – that is setting up the new Roth IRA and begin trading in the market. I know next to nothing about fiddling in the market, but I want to get my feet wet this year. Pray for my success y’all.

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3) Reach my goal weight in quarter 1 and maintain if not go under it the remainder of the year. I am soooooo close guys and this has been a long journey for me. It was not that I was a large person. Not the case at all. What I am is a woman who’s hormones are all over the place because of my age and changes to my body that were medically necessary. My physician keeps telling me that it is great that my weight drop has been slow; that means it is more likely to stay off. I have 7 lbs lose to reach my goal weight. I eat very healthy without depriving myself – it’s become a lifestyle change and not a diet. I try to exercise 3-4 times a week – just ordered a pilates bar to change up my routine and challenge myself because with COVID I’m not ready to go back to the gym as much as I would like to go for the cardio. I started intermittent fasting, 1-9 pm, to change up my eating routine because my body had adjusted to the way and what I eat – I was in a holding pattern/plateau for 3 months before I started fasting. I decided to stick with the fasting until the end of February. Hopefully I will have dropped those 7 lbs by then. The majority of my clothes are falling off me or looking super baggy, but I’m hesitant to buy new items because I don’t want to have to buy again when I reach my goal.

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4) I want to put cabinets up in my laundry room. I currently have those horrible Rubbermaid white coated wire racks that builders place in all closets and laundry rooms. I really dislike, dare I say the h-word, those wire systems. I want to put actual cabinets in the room. When we were remodeling the downstairs, I wanted to take some of the old kitchen cabinets and repurpose them in the laundry room. Stan didn’t want to do that, felt it would be better to get new cabinets. Well that was about 3 years ago and I still have those ugly racks in my laundry. 2021 those things are out of here! I think I’ve found the ones I want at IKEA. Not too expensive and spacious enough that I can get my cleaning supplies in and organized. It is one project that I’m sooooooo excited about.

This has got to be better. I really DO NOT like this wire shelf.

5) Finally, build up my blog page. Working a full time job, having a side business, and being the awesome caregiver of my loved ones that I am, takes a lot of time. I love sharing my life with you guys, and I want to be able to share more with you. There were some major changes made in my life last year and my Babydoll will be leaving me in a year or so. This is the year when we are prepping for college in a way that we are making decisions, taking test and such so that we are not scrambling her senior year. My goal is to add to this blog while living my life. I want to share more recipes – I gotta remember to have the camera out when I’m cooking, more projects – again that camera, and more thoughts.

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Those are the major personal goals that I have set for myself this year. I feel if this get done, not only will I benefit, but I feel those that I love and care about will benefit as well. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What are your goals for this year? Do you call them goals or resolutions? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or if there is another goal that I should add.

Until next time,

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  1. just keep going until you reach your goals. The only way to guarantee you don’t get there is by stopping, so just never give up and you will reach your goals

    1. Lonnita says:

      Thanks for the encouragement.

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