A month of spreads

Hey Guys,

I hope that everyone is doing exceptionally well.  Today I thought I would share with you my planner spreads for the month of January.  I have taken photos of each weeks spread, but time and the desire to share other things with you guys kept me from posting them.  As I’ve stated before, I share my planner spreads to hopefully give inspiration to fellow Dashboard layout planner users.  I am a very functional planner, but try to add some decoration to my spreads to lighten the mood when I look at the things I need to get done or that are on the agenda for the week.  I have one planner that has a couple of sections; I only share the weekly spread but will occasionally share a budget with me video.  It’s a way for me to stay accountable.  Enough explanation, on to the spreads….

Week 1:

I had these beautiful dark teal rose that had dew drops on them.  I had printed them a few months back and really wanted to do something with them, I felt that the black design was a great accompaniment.  I wanted a quote, but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t basic – I didn’t want a ton of color just something black and big.  Didn’t find anything so I left the space blank.  I was still very happy with the spread.

Week 2:

I had also printed some pinecones and thought to use them with pine trees in a spread in December, but it never happened.  Instead I decided to mix the pinecones with some black & white flowers and teal/green boxes and icons.  I chose the quote to push me because I had a presentation that I was giving on Thursday and I was slightly nervous about it.  It was a pay week, so my budget sticker received its place of honor in the dashboard.  It was a pretty spread and I did great on my presentation.

Week 3:

Who doesn’t love mixing purple and black together?  I need to come up with an outfit with those colors.  I picked the HUGE purple floral(s) from a Happy Planner floral book.  The black and purple flower boxes were a print from me.  I have TONS of washi tape that I really need to start using again.  I attempted to incorporate it this week – it didn’t look too bad.  The quote was feminine like the florals and I loved the message.

Week 4:

If you count January 1st as a week, this is actually week 5, but this is the fourth week that I decorated in January.  I pulled out my pastel color Happy Planner sticker book(s) for this spread and added a sticker that I had of purple irises that I had printed myself.   The pastel pinks and purples were great to look at especially with this week being so snowy/rainy/sleety and dreary.  It’s another pay week, necessitating the need for the budget sticker.  I ended up creasing it because I needed to reposition the sticker, but it is not printed on the removable paper.  When I began lifting it, things began to go left and I decided to leave it alone; the attempt to correct caused a crease.  I don’t require perfection; only function and pretty; so it was all good. 

That’s the spreads for this month.  Next month is the “month of love”; I think I will try to only do spreads with the color pink.  What do you think?  I’m going to need to print out more flowers and possibly some candy and hearts.  Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you come back.  I also hope that I was able to provide some inspiration for you.  Let me know if you would be interested in an after the pen look of my planner.  Maybe it will be something I put on Instagram.  In my attempt to accomplish my goal to grow Red Oven Creations, I have decided to become more active on social media (I only post on Instagram currently, still not sure how to work Twitter in a way that will be meaningful.  Suggestions are welcome).  You can usually catch a post from me on Instagram daily or at least every other day.  Tell me what you think. 

Until next time,

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