What a week

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I apologize for getting this post out to you soooo late. I had intended to post this no later than Tuesday, but I had to go into the office on Tuesday and I had a horrible migraine Wednesday. I finally had time to type up the post on Thursday, but that was done after work and after picking up groceries. With everything that went on, I really wanted to post something this week.

First off, I want to show my planner spread for this week. This was a pay week for me, so I have my trusty Budget tracker (if you are interested in having this, comment below and I will add a downloadable version). I wanted to do some flowers and trees along with some rain showers because it’s April, however, I could not find rain showers in my sticker collection. I had umbrellas all day long, but I didn’t want umbrellas, I wanted rain. Someone needs to come up with rain shower stickers….or maybe I should make some of my own. I’m going to think on that. Anyway….here’s the spread.

Just realized that there is some dark gunk to the right of the page, that is from the spray adhesive that I have used in the past. I’m going to purchase a new tabletop as soon as IKEA reopens.

Also, I wanted to show you guys the cake that I made for Easter. I didn’t have the huge gathering of family that I normally have because of the stay-in-place order with Covid-19, but I still made my dessert and homemade rolls.

My Babydoll still wants an Easter basket, but is not a fan of much candy besides Sees Molasses Chews and Sour Patch Kids. I made a small “basket” for her. Excuse the messing counter, but I was cooking y’all.

The cake that we decided on this year (when I say we, I am talking about Babydoll and me) was a chocolate-lemon cake. It had two layers of lemon cake and three layers of chocolate and it had a very light lemon tasting icing.

Babydoll is not a huge fan of too much icing so I decided to go with a “naked” cake. Therefore, there was minimal (almost none) icing on the sides of the cake. It was amazing. Because I did not have a really strong lemon icing, the cake was never overwhelmed by one flavor.

I also decided to make homemade rolls, because who can have ham without rolls. I decided not to modify the amount of rolls, so I took a portion of the dough and made a “breakfast roll” with bacon and cheese.

I wish I would have rolled the bacon and cheese into the rolls like you would cinnamon sugar and butter, and I will do that next time, but these were still bomb.

I made rolls in the typical 2 knot style and then I did some the suggested by American Test Kitchen way by rolling the dough out into a rectangle and rolling it like it is a cinnamon roll, without the filling, then cut them.

You talking about good….mmmhhh, mmmhhh, mmmhhh. When going through my photos, I realized that I did not take pictures of the finished product, but trust me, they were so pretty and tasted so good.

How was your Easter holiday with stay-in-place? Comment below. Comment below about whatever, I would love to hear from you. Also, subscribe so that you will get notifications when a new post comes out. Until next time, stay healthy.

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