Planner Spread for week of 4/20/2020

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope that you are staying healthy. Let’s get right into the spread for this week. I decided to get my spread entirely from the Farmhouse sticker book, but I had to get the green leaves from the Fun Florals book, because the green leaves in the Farmhouse book were the white background and I wanted to use the clear background stickers.

I have begun working on some neutral planner pages that are like the Dashboard Layout. I’ve decided to do this because I really do not like having to cover up the color boxes on the dashboard page as well as whiting out the “calls/emails” and “focus” sections. I make the “to buy” section my “to do” section and “bills to pay” section becomes my “notes/reminder” section. I would love to have the bottom section not be in a grid layout also. It makes my spread a little messy. I don’t like it.

I was going to purchase the neutral Happy Planner, but I couldn’t find it in any of my local stores and I would still need to modify the sections. Some may wonder why I like the Dashboard layout if I want to change so much about it, and my answer is simple. The dashboard layout reminds me totally of the Franklin Planner daily sheets. I could write out my daily schedule and then have my notes included on the page across from it. My goal is to have a version ready for May. I just looked at a calendar and realized that will be in two weeks. I gotta get it done. So far it hasn’t been too bad, I just need to find a way to date it easily. If anyone has any advice, tell me in the comments section.

Before I end this post I want to give a movie/series recommendation. I know everyone is on the Tiger King game, and Babydoll and I watched it, but we could not binge it. We had to take a break because that type of tragedy could not be seen all at once. Those people were ALL crazy and that was a train wreak that we had to take in stages. BUT the show I want to recommend is Unorthodox and it is streaming on Netflix. The tile for it shows a young woman getting her head shaved and she’s crying.

Unorthodox | Netflix - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And ...

I will be honest and say that the tile is what kind of put me off from watching it sooner, but it kept drawing my attention so I gave in. I am so glad that I did. There are four parts to the story and I binged them without even thinking about it. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend this movie. I will not give a synopsis or any info about it other than watch it because I don’t want to give anything away. Are there any series/movies that you would recommend during this shut-in time? Comment below with your suggestions.

That’s all for this post. Feel free to comment below about the planners you are using and are you planning at all since we are mostly stuck at home. Stay healthy, I know that it may seem hard and stressful but your life is worth it.

Until next time,

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