A vanity for creating my face

I may have mentioned in a previous post that one of my loves is make-up. I can get lost in a MAC or Sephora store or even the cosmetics aisle in Meijer or Walgreens. My passions seem to really run along the lines of lipsticks/glosses/stains, lip pencils, and eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara. I wear glasses and I think it is very important for my eyes not to get lost behind the frames. I didn’t always wear glasses and my eyes were one of my big features; I like to make sure that that feature is still emphasized and highlighted. I don’t play around too much with my foundation – I’ve been using MAC for years, since I stopped using Clinique and tend not to stray although I just bought a Black Radiance a couple months ago and it is really good; but I’ll most likely only use either it or my MAC. I use one eyelid primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion – I’ve tried others and I just go right back to Urban Decay so I believe I’m done trying unless someone gives me a REALLY good reason to try another again. I’m still looking for the perfect face primer (although my mother swears by the Urban Decay DeSlick which she says they do not sell in stores anymore) so I currently switch between the E.L.F mineral face primer and NYC face primer (I know they are not high end, but I haven’t found a high end one that pops my panties and these inexpensive ones work really well.) I haven’t found a blush, bronzer, or contouring product that I absolutely love, so I pick those up when I see a color that I feel will complement my darker skin (although I’m new to contouring so I don’t have a lot of those yet – actually I don’t have any).

After giving this run down you’re probably wondering what is my point. Well, I have begun to acquire quite an eyeshadow collection and although I’ve upgraded my makeup case from the sexy Caboodle train case to a lavender tool box that I converted to a makeup case I’ve run out of room again. I also was getting fed up with where I was applying my makeup daily. I had been standing in my bathroom after lotioning up and use the small 3x magnifying mirror that I had attached to the side of my vanity mirror. When we travel, the hotels all have the nice magnifying mirrors that can be used for makeup application and I actually liked being able to sit down and put on my makeup with these.

I began searching online for new makeup storage solutions and ran across several you tube videos where ladies had a room dedicated to their makeup. I was like, WHAT?!?!?!? A room just for makeup. I was fascinated and a little intimidated by what I was watching. I can easily imagine a room for my shoes and having the finances to fill it, but not an entire room for makeup. I started thinking about it and one day I thought I could include a small makeup alcove in my office. I could have a place to sit and apply my makeup, be able to take it out of the tool box (no more lugging it from under the cabinet each morning, and at the same time acquire a little more room from my growing eye makeup collection.

After watching many YouTube videos, it seemed that the majority of the makeup room owners had some form of IKEA furniture to house their collection, either in the vanity or the storage drawers. I love IKEA, like the next guy, but the closet one is 2 ½ hours away. When we go there it is a well-planned all day event that includes a trip to Jungle Jim’s. I had gotten a burr up my bum and wanted to get my new makeup vanity done asap and inexpensively (cause I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but we were in phase one of my kitchen remodel and the final phase of the basement renovation not to mention the holidays were coming up – there was not a lot of excess money floating around). My internet search for ideas only resulted in a need for an IKEA trip. A trip to the thrift store was not promising and I’m currently on the hunt for a new kitchen table (I’ll post about that at a later date) from the thrift store so I didn’t want to become distracted. I needed to get this setup for around $50.

Looking at images of the vanities online I realized that the depths of the vanities were not too large; about the size of a shelf or desk. I then came up with the brilliant idea to use a shelf for my vanity top. I went to Home Depot and bought a 12”x36” black shelf, 2 – 10”/12” grey shelf brackets, a package of drywall screws, and bracket screws. The total was $13.79; I couldn’t have done better finding something at a thrift store (because I would have had to invest in paint, sandpaper, & such to get to the look I wanted).


I did go to Goodwill to look for glassware to use for brush holders and such, a lamp to use for lighting and anything else that caught my eye. I found these pieces during my first trip that cost me $8.52 with tax.


I bought some rice to put in the bottom of my glassware and decided to tint it blue with food coloring to keep in the color theme of my office.


I decided to paint the lamp in shades of blue, again to stick with room color theme (I’m not going to use a lamp shade because I want the light – I may even buy another lamp to have one on each side). I picked up some acrylic storage containers on the clearance table at Meijer (does anyone else always check the clearance sections at Target and Meijer every time they go into those stores?) to put my everyday used products.



Then I realized I still had a lot of stuff still inside my toolbox. I needed a place to store it – preferably something with drawers. The only thing was it needed to be slim-lined (the area I had to work with was 9”x33”) and I really did not want to go the plastic route. I thought a slim bookcase would be the perfect size, but I want drawers or more shelves than a bookcase would allow. Can you add pull-out shelves to a bookcase? How about adding additional shelves? This part of the project was going to be my most expensive part of the project, I could feel it; but I still had $26.69 in my $50 budget. I was getting nervous. I still wanted to purchase some more acrylic containers and I knew these could get pricey even if I found them on sale/clearance. More inquiry online gave me the thought of using a bathroom shelving unit as my cabinet. Just finding the unit in my budget…

Then this past weekend I was in Michael’s (not to shop, but waiting at the front of the store waiting on Babydoll and Stan) and noticed a customer buying a HUGE amount of MDF storage units. It looked like she was about to set up an awesome craft station. One of the boxes she had looked exactly like something I was looking for. I located the area of the store where those items were and headed over there. Wouldn’t you know it, they were having a 40% off sale on all of their storage units and I had a 25% off entire purchase coupon. I bought one of the 3-drawer units. After putting it together, I realized that I could use 2 and still have plenty of room. The units were still on sale for 40% off and I could still use my 25% off coupon. I’m got both units for $38.52 including tax (the units are originally $39.99 each). I know that I’ve gone over my $50 budget, but not by much. This is how it looks.


Since this was taken, I added a 11×14 mirror that I found at the Dollar Tree.  I still may add another lamp, but for right now, I’m happy and I have more than enough space to store my makeup. I’m not going to show you what’s in my drawers because 1) I don’t have it organized completely; and 2) There are tons of pictures/videos/blogs where people are showing their collections. I’m discussing the acquisition of a vanity space in my office not my makeup collection. This is more about having the space that I love coming into in the morning and turning on the radio and listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show while I put on my face. It’s the little things that can make for great amounts of peace. Do you have a place that you’ve made that allows you to complete an everyday task? Did you complete it at a bargain price or did you go all out expense wise?


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