Let’s try this again


When my blog url came up for renewal this year I thought to myself, “you’re paying for this domain name and you have this blog, why aren’t you doing something with it?”  I immediately came up with the excuse that my life is too busy and hectic to be able to sit down daily and compose a blog.  I thought about it more and more and decided that I use my name Red Oven Creations for a lot of things; Twitter, Instagram, my business; I should take the time to be proactive about my blog page.  So here I am once again deciding to post.  There will be a few changes; mainly I will not be posting every day; but I will strive to get a post out every week.  I’m also going to keep my post shorter.  I think when I do a longer post I tend to get bogged down and never finish or get it out there.  And finally, I know that people are visual and don’t seem to click with a post unless there are photos involved; but let’s face it, sometimes a photo does not apply.  So if there isn’t a photo in the blog, please forgive me, but I’m not going to stress out trying to include a photo for your adult mind.  I would love to hope that my audience has grown beyond “picture books”.

So to sum it up, my goal is to post weekly, post shorter blogs (if it needs to be long, you guys are getting multiple parts blogs), and include pictures if it’s required or relevant.  I think I’ve got an interesting point of view of this life I’m living and I hope you stick around to read about it.


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