April Fool’s Day!!


Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

If you’re the ultimate prankster this is the day for you.  If you are like me and find it incredibly difficult to utter an untruth, let’s join together and celebrate the first day of April for being a day closer to constant warm weather and long sunny days.

During our afternoon drive home yesterday, I attempted to  explain to my baby doll what was meant by April Fool’s Day and what you were supposed to do.  I had suggested a “joke” that she could play on her cousins and in typical baby doll fashion she says, “but momma, that’s lying”.  Everyone that knows me knows that I can’t stand tellers of untruths.  My philosophy…tell it like it is, even if it may upset someone; but in the long run they won’t be hurt when the untruth is revealed.  And as my father wisely stated the other day, when you tell an untruth you have to keep up with it so that it doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt later, but when you tell the truth you can move freely with your life.  And finally my pastor was speaking on last Sunday about the truth and he said that the truth may hurt, but when it is said in love the hurt can be minimal.  Now I know some of you will think about my insistence to keep my baby doll from knowing that Santa is not real…to that I say that is something that is part of being a child, like playing with dolls; we want her to be a child as long as possible and Santa is helping us. 🙂  Telling my baby doll that Santa and the Easter Bunny exist (oh yeah…explaining that we’re not really eating Easter Bunny poop when we eat jelly beans was an adventure) is an attempt to keep my baby six years old.  When she is able to accept the that they aren’t real, she will be told.  And that will probably be when she asks about it.  But I think I’ve gotten on a soap box and I didn’t want to so I’m stepping off.

I believe I successfully explained to my baby doll how to celebrate April Fool’s Day, she kept saying “Happy April Fool’s Day”, I keep telling her that she only has to say “April Fool’s”.  She’s with my sister and nieces today so I will have to check with Tammi to see if she was able to pull it off.  It makes me smile 🙂 to think of her being able to fool anyone. 

I hope all of the pranksters have a great time today.  Happy Birthday to my cousin, Teresa Jones.  And have a great weekend to all.

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