It’s winter…for real…it’s winter

If you know or learn anything about me, it’s that I truly hate the winter.  I live in the midwest and was born and raised here and I REALLY HATE the winter.  I don’t like the snow, I don’t like the cold, the only good things about the winter are Thanksgiving and Christmas…because both are fabulous food holidays and I get the biggest thrill out of giving the perfect gift.  When I retire, I’m moving someplace warm.
So when I started with this blogging idea, I planned to write an entry every-other-day.  I got home Wednesday from a crazy day at work, set about getting dinner started and thought I would blog since Stan and Kristian weren’t due home for about an hour.  While I’m in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet the power goes out in the house.  My first thought is "did we pay the bill?"  But I quickly realize yes we did so the crappy weather (did I mention it was crazy cold outside in the low 20’s high teens) had done it again.  I immediately started calling IPL and got a busy signal for about 45 mins.  By the time I did speak with a respresentative his attitude made me want to reach through the phone and "touch" someone.  Not to mention that I had also been trying to reach my husband for about as long as I had been trying to reach the light company.  By the time the power came back on 2 1/2 hours after it went off, I was done!!  I didn’t care about dinner, about blogging, nothing.  My Kristian came in climbed in the bed with me and we just snuggled.  Stan picked up some Long John Silvers on his way home from the gym and that was that.  I knew I had to redeem myself the next day so I just chilled Wednesday night.
I mentioned to some people in an email that I would review my new Kindle DX in comparision to my Sony eReader 600.  I have to say that have had the Sony longer (I started out with the first Sony 560 last year as a Christmas gift from my wonderful man, Stan then upgraded to the 600 back in October) and just got the Kindle for Christmas this year (the card said, "Now you can have your Bentley and Benz").  The Sony is a touch screen and can use multiple formats, the Kindle is wireless and has a big A 9" screen.  Which do I like more…..?  It will depend on the format of the books I read.  I think that I have determined that all my PDF documents will be read on my Kindle for sure and that my Sony will be my primary reader.  If you are an adament reader like I am….do not let the price of either of this devices sway you.  Run to the store and purchase one.  I know of websites where I can get access to alot of books at little to no cost, so it is important for me to be able to have a reader that can handle all types of document formats, the Sony, therefore I would recommend it to people first.  However, the Kindle is new to me and my husband being the IT guru that he is will always find a way to make me happy if he can electronically, meaning he will find a way to get those files in a format that my Kindle can handle.
I have had about 3 hours to myself to read, man has it been wonderful.  Kristian has gone over to her cousins to spend the night and Stan came home about 1/2 hour ago, but then left again to make a run.  I went to the grocery store after I dropped Kristian off around 2:30.  What a mistake!!!  I am usually up around 6 am to do grocery shopping on the weekends, but I decided to sleep in today since I didn’t have any clients this morning; plus I was still trying to figure out dinner for tomorrow.  Don’t ever go to the grocery store after 9am on a Saturday (especially around the first of the month) if you don’t want to waste a good 45 mins.  I finally figured out dinner; beef roast with mushrooms poured over baked potates, homemade sweet potato rolls, and french silk pie for dessert; so I need to get the ingredients for the pie some big potatoes and the roast.  I also had made chilli for dinner today and I needed some Doritos and sour cream (I eat my chilli more like nachos).  My requireds weren’t long but I found myself returning to my home with a headache 2 hours later.  I will not do that again….you couldn’t pay me to do that again.  From now on….I’m up at 6am regardless.
Enough of my thoughts…Stan just came back in.  I’m going to do some more reading and maybe try to get it going, if I can pry that man away from the projector….it’s Playoff time it’s hard to compete with the NFL playoffs.

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