I thought I would start blogging to see how it goes.  My friends and family say that I have the busiest life and most days I feel that it is, but they also say I thrive on drama so I am adding more. 
I am a wife to Stan and mother of one awesome, beautiful, sassy, smart daughter, Kristian.  I am one of four children (2 boys and 2 girls, the second).  I am a licensed cosmotologist, a scientist in research at Roche Diagnostics, but love, love, love to cook.  Cooking is my passion and where I will eventually take my career.  I have a small catering company that I am working to build.  Although I am trying to find a new location to work out of to allow me to take bigger jobs.  I hope to one day open a cafe where I can cook and bake to my hearts desire. 
This blog will be about my life, my quest to pay off debt, my quest to save money, my quest to have a little more order in my life, and finally my quest to take my catering business to a whole new level this year.  I hope to find time every day to write an entry and it make some sense and maybe if anyone reads it, you can send me words of encouragement when the madness starts.  With my life….believe me it will start.

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