A month of spreads

Happy Monday Friends,

It’s the last week of October……CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I’m trying to think if I have posted at all this month. I know that I have wanted to but life has been going on and it has been A LOT. I won’t get into much detail, but keep me in your prayers, I really would appreciate it. Like I said, I don’t know if I have posted any of my planner spreads for this month, but I know that I have taken pictures of them and even put in my “to do” list to post them. I thought I would do a recap of the months spreads for your viewing pleasure. After I type this up, I’m going to type up the ice cream post that I began writing a few weeks ago and I need to close out my budget for the month and begin working on next months (another post maybe…charging the camera battery right now). Anywho, pictures…..

Week one was the first “fall” spread that used the RongRong girls. I had been wanting to use the girl that was leaning against something for a while and thought my paycheck budget sticker was just the thing. I needed some leaves for the girls to be “steppin'” on, so I took a couple of leave washi and made “leave piles” for the ladies. I wanted some pop at the top of the page and decided to use the gold sparkle stickers for it, but looking at it now it almost looks like dirt on the page. I don’t think it photographed well. I was most likely one of our overcast days that did not allow for tons of natural light, so it didn’t look as bright. I try to use natural light when I take my pictures, because I really don’t like the yellow that comes with the house lights even though I have the bright white bulbs.

I tried to reposition the girl on the paper, and it didn’t go well. Still trying to figure out the paper for my planner pages.

The following week I wanted to do a pumpkin spread. I had been creating stickers and had focused on some pumpkins.

Excuse the shadow from the mug and apple, this photo was taken super early in the day with the house lights when the sun hadn’t come out yet. Still I wanted the apple and mug for styling.

I wanted to add some apples to the spread because that was the week that Babydoll and I went to the apple orchard during her fall break. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a couple of the pictures and even the video from horseback riding. I’d say that 90% of the stickers on this spread we ones I print and cut myself. I think I’m going to get into that more, creating my own stickers.

Week three, was all about the leaves for me. I had made stickers of different leaves and some individual small leaves that I was excited to use. Can you tell which ones? I felt the Squad Girls were the perfect accompaniment. BTW, if anyone knows where I can get any more Squad Girl stickers books, let a sista know. I’ve been looking for about a year now and have been unsuccessful. Maybe I’ll make a run to Hobby Lobby today, I haven’t checked there lately. This was the weekend that I made Christmas cards with my mom and sister (again I posted some pic on Insta). It was tons of fun and we have plans to do it again in a couple of weeks.

Which leaves come from my stickers and which came from a sticker book.

While I was making Christmas cards, the idea for week four formed in my head. I believe my idea was grander than the actual spread, but oh well. I had this black paper with clouds that I thought would be cool to add stars to. Put some stars on the top of the page and it would be cool. Again, in my head it was way more fabulous than the final product, but I can’t win on the design all the time.

You guys got a rare look at “after the pen” with this spread. I usually write my household/family/personal things to do on the dashboard side and work things on the daily side.

The final week of the month had to be a Halloween spread. These stickers have been waiting in the cut all month long. They are all ones that I made just for this occasion and I have more for future spreads. I whipped out my spider web washi (making Christmas cards was an eye opener for the amount of washi that I have and don’t use). It was fun to do and I love the decor at the bottom of the pages.

The smaller bullet points on the daily page are really small witches with brooms. You can’t make out what they are, but it makes my heart happy knowing what they are are having them as bullet points. I just found out this morning that this weekend is when we roll back, so I didn’t put that reminder sticker they, but I’m probably going to add it later.

That’s my spreads for this month. I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did decorating/designing them. Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween (or if you don’t participate in that “holiday” have a great weekend nonetheless). Babydoll will not be going out to “trick or treat”, but will be with one of her besties masked up and social distancing as much as possible, which is fine by me.

If you live in the US, don’t forget to vote, your voice matters whichever side of the political fence you live. Wear as mask, it will protect you and me and make safe decisions. Thank you so much for continuing to visit my site. If it is your first time here, I hope that you come back again. I usually try to post at least once a week and but sometimes more when life doesn’t get in the way. You can also follow me on Instagram where you can see some of the grain-free meals that I have and some glimpses of my life. I gave up on Facebook several years ago and don’t plan on returning, that could be a post explaining that. I honestly cannot figure out Twitter, but I will try on there occasionally although I’ve been locked out of there for a few weeks and I can’t get back on no matter how many times I reset my password.

Until next time,

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