Puppy relapse

The house training process for our puppy, Sasha Fierce, has been going really good until recently.  Sasha is a Standard Schnauzer and therefore when groomed most hair is cut off with the exception of the  hair on her legs and her “beard”.  When we picked up Sasha, the breeder recommended that we not get her groomed until we have her completely house trained.  We thought we had gotten to a great point with Sasha.  I announced to the family if she could go for two weeks without an accident, we were going to make the appointment.  She had her Bortadella vaccine so she could go to a groomer setting.  Week one was amazing!  We had learned Sasha’s “outside” ques (she does not go to the door, she nips) and we were on it.  Week two started off amazing as well and then ONE day before the end of what would have been two weeks….she starts having accidents.  I mean having ACCIDENTS.  We would take her out and then ten minutes later she we would find a puddle.  You clean it up and take her out and 20  minutes later there was another puddle.  What the what? 😦

So what did we do?  We had to regroup and re-evaluate our strategy.  What were we missing as far as ques go?  Were we not understanding when she was telling us she needs to go out?  We concurred that it wasn’t us…it was Sasha.  She is being stubborn folks.  For instance…this morning I had taken her out and we are doing our usual in the kitchen in the morning.  I’m making lunches and breakfast and straightening up my kitchen (I hate to come home to a dirty kitchen, I can’t cook, I can’t think; it’s awful) and Sasha is sitting on my feet or laying by the cabinets – occassionally she would walk over to her food/water and take a nibble.  At one point I turn around to go to another countertop and I sortof slip…I look down and guess what?  There is a puddle.  No nip, no bark, nothing.  What the what?  It’s not me, I didn’t miss a que; it’s my stubborn puppy!  She’s sooooo adorable, I mean this face is adorable who can stay angry at that face – but Stan announced to me that if we don’t have her house trained by the time we move in to the new house she can’t come.  (Oh yeah…we finally found the house and have an excepted offer.  The details will come later.)  I have a month (actually I have a week before I go insane) to get this taken care of. 

Oh My God (and I really need his help on this one folks, I’m not being over dramatic.) what am I going to do? I need some help here folks.  If you have ANY advice concerning the fastest way to house train pass it on.

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