Santa is REAL!

My beautiful one is six…SIX I say and she still believes in Santa, the Toothfairy, and the Easter Bunny.  She still believes in the things that make being a kid memorable.  Stan and I have worked hard to keep our child innocent and child-like, real hard; so I resent other little pissers kids telling my kid that Santa is not real and neither is the tooth fairy.  Do you know how HAPPY my baby was to receive her dollar from the tooth fairy this year?  She ran into the room screaming, “Momma, she came, she came and she gave me a dollar!”  It was priceless and I don’t want some kid telling my baby that it was me that dug around to find that tooth and put that dollar under her pillow.  The whole reason why Kristian wanted to lose her tooth was because she wanted the tooth fairy to give her some money and take her tooth. 

Now to Santa.  Kristian has taken great care to go through all of the toy ads (Toys R Us Big Book, American Girl catalog, and Target Big Toy Book) to circle all of the things that “Santa” is to buy her for Christmas.  Mind you she has circled just about everything in the books and I told her that Santa may not get everything circled in the books because that would be a lot of money and she told me that “Santa can get everything cause he has lots of money”.  Priceless comments like that are why we  continue with the Santa ruse.  Tuesday I told Kristian that I would be late picking her up because me and Dad (Stan) were going to meet up with Santa to tell him all of the things that she wanted for Christmas.  She became excited and then announced that “Angel” (he’s a boy) said there wasn’t a Santa nor a tooth fairy.  I said well who gets his presents and she said he said his parents.  The nerve!   Kristian knows that Stan and I get her some gifts, but Santa gets credit for most of them.  I told her to tell Angel  that he should stay a child for as long as he could.  Of course she didn’t understand that so I amended that by saying “tell him maybe his parents buy his gifts, but yours comes from Santa and Momma and Dad.  When I arrived to pick her up, she was excited and kept asking me what I told Santa she wanted.  It was, “did you tell him I wanted…, and did what about ….”.

What has society come to that people feel like they have to take away so many of the joys our children experience so soon?  Isn’t it enough that they are growing up so fast; what with their lack of sensitivity to violence or the way that they dress, or how the teenage pregnancy age is now making its way to the preteens.  I want my child to stay a child for as long as possible.  Being an adult is hard enough, I don’t want her to have to grow up until she absolutely has to.  Do we as adults want to be praised by our children so much that we have to take away Santa so that we can get the glory of having bought gifts?  Leave those babies alone and let them enjoy Santa, for just a little while longer let Santa be REAL.

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