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Working From Home

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

With the Covid-19 pandemic going on so many of us are working from home. It can become really easy to become distracted with things around the house and not get much done concerning the job. I have worked from home a few times in the past and I knew the pitfalls of getting distracted by home trying to work from home. With the company I work for mandating that only essential employees are allowed on campus, I had to think of ways to make my work from home experience productive.

The first thing that I decided to do was to try to stick to my normal getting ready routine as much as possible. Of course, I do not have to get up as early because I do not have to pack lunch, or drive to work/school; but I do get up at a time that ensures that I can log in around the same time that I would if I was driving in.

The next thing I do is begin my morning the same way that I would if I was in the office. I make a cup of tea and fill my water bottle with ice water. I have the same breakfast that I would if I was in the office and look over my emails while eating my grapefruit and yogurt.

Throughout the day I try to work the same way that I would in the office. I listen to the morning show on my computer (with headphones on), I listen to my music (with headphones on) when the show is over, I try to eat lunch at the same time I would if I was in the office. And make sure that my lunch is similar to what I would have if I had packed a lunch. I still get up and make sure that my kitchen is clean before I “go to work”. I cut up my apple and orange and place them in the frig so they are cold when lunch time comes.

I end my day around the same time that I would if I was in the office. I log out at the same time that I would normally. Resist the urge to work beyond normal work hours because you are at home. The key to this is make sure that you act as normal as possible.

Do you have any work from home ideas that you would like to share? Comment below with suggestions and comments. Share how you are surviving during social distancing. Until next time, stay safe and happy.

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