Cheesecake – I tend to make several types of cheesecakes.  These cheesecakes resemble the tradition with some kicked up flavors: Original, Key Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, Creme Brulee, Turtle.  The crust for these can vary depending on the type (the Creme Brulee has a vanilla almond based crust and the Turtle has a pecan based crust.) and sometimes I can mix up the crust if requested (I have made a citrus cookie crust for the Key Lime and Oreo for the Vanilla Bean).  Pricing ranges $20-$40

Fusion Cheesecake – these cheesecakes came about after a dinner at a popular restaurant that has cheesecake in it’s name.  🙂  I had a taste for cheesecake and I wanted some chocolate cake as well.  I asked our server if she had something on the massive dessert menu that could satisfy by wishes and was told no.  On the drive home I contemplated how I could do this; by the time I got home I had a plan.  The name “Fusion Cheesecake” came from my oldest brother who requested that I make him a “fusion cake”.  I asked what he meant and he said, “you know the cheesecakes with the cake crust.”  So that is what a Fusion Cheesecake is – a cheesecake that has a “crust” made from a flavor of cake.  There are the Vanilla Bean with Almond Chocolate cake, Strawberry with strawberry cake, Lemon with Lemon cake, Caramel with Chocolate cake.  Pricing ranges $25-$50

Lemon Pound Cake – These is the basic classic dessert.  You can get no better than this fresh light pound cake that goes deliciously with coffee or tea. Pricing $20

Ultimate Chocolate Cake – It is the ultimate because it is ultimately the best chocolate cake you could have.  Layers of moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse covered with chocolate ganache.  It is finished off with chocolate cake crumbs smoothed over the sides of the cake.  Pricing $25

Carrot Cake – Pricing $20

Healthier Carrot Cake – The fat and sugar have been reduced, but not the flavor.  Although it is healthier, you would not be able to determine the differenec in a taste test.  Pricing $20

Bread Pudding – This is a family recipe that always is a hit.  This light and flavorable bread custard is baked to perfection and served with a vanilla sauce that will make you want to fight your mother for the last serving.  Pricing $15 / $25


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