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A Place To Rest My Feet

Well I finally got it finished!  A place to rest my wearies.  A place to put up the dogs.  A place to chillaxe.  A place to rest my feet.  I finally finished my ottoman.

I started working on my ottoman a couple of weeks ago, but finally finished it on Sunday.  What took me so long to finish something so simple you may ask?  Well I’ll tell ya.  It started with me deciding to make a complicated fabric pattern for the top of the ottoman from extra fabric that I had around.  It involved my sewing pieces together that were cut into a particular pattern.  I was doing pretty good until my children,

aka my Baby Doll


and miz Sasha Fierce


started harassing me and each other (in my craft room/office-no less…I mean really, no respect for the zen that is in my space).  So I stopped sewing, ushered everyone out, and closed the door.  Two weeks later, my intricate pattern still was not finished and I still had no place to rest my feet.

Last weekend while shopping at Hobby Lobby for the Baby Dolls knobs and such to complete her chifferobe (I will post about this me it is a winner), I decided to head over to the fabric department to see what I can see.  I found this beautiful fabric on the clearance rack for $3/yard.  I bought a yard.  Sunday I went into my room with the staple gun in hand and got-her done.  I really love the pattern on the fabric, it’s reminiscent of the scrolls that are on my desk and the colors really tie-in to the craft table.


Now I have a place to rest my feet when I take a seat in my comfy chair and read.


I just have to find a way to keep people out and the peace in.

Of course now that I have my snazzy ottoman, I now feel the need to recover the chair in something equally fab.  I’ll keep my eyes open for the fabric that makes my heart sing.

Do you think it’s too tall?


I debated cutting the legs down some, but the jigsaw has been “misplaced” during the move.



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Time to DIY

Now that we’ve finally found and moved into a house that we love, everything is unpacked (for the most part), the old house is just about ready to lease out, and the weather is finally coming around to something more conducive to working outdoors; so what does this mean for me?  It’s time to start some DIYing projects.

With us acquiring a bigger home (more rooms, larger rooms), and the fact that we decided that some of our old furniture did not make the cut for the new home; there were a few items that we are working on replacing.  Unfortunately for me, my husband is not a big fan of refinishing furniture or seeing the diamond in the rough that I am.  He loves to see the diamond after it has gone through the process.  Me…I like to dig for the diamond and process it.  Do you see my dilemma?  I have been a good wife and went along with the purchase of a lot of new things that I KNOW in my heart of hearts that we could have found and with a little bit of work made something awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, I love buying new…it’s just that I’ve found that a lot of the newer items aren’t as well made as some of the older pieces.

What have I been doing to appease the DIY monster in me?  I’ve been working on my office and the Baby doll’s room.  My Baby doll wants her room to be in black, purple & white zebra print – with hints of pinks and LOTS of bling.  She has very specific ideas about what she needs to have in her room and it is up to me to execute her vision.  Did I mention she’s 7?  As I add to her room and make new and inventive ways to add bling and BLACK to a 7 year olds room.

As for my office/craft room…I’m taking it slow.  I’m purchasing a lot of accessories.  But one day while I was sitting in my chair reading, my knees started to hurt.  I have bad knees, trying everything I can to avoid knee replacement before I turn 55; so if something hurts my knees I must pay attention.  I need an ottoman.  After careful reflection I came up with the thought of transforming a small table into an ottoman.  After a stop at one of my local thrift stores I came home with a small table that is currently being transformed.

But I must show you a finished project. Smile  I create a menu for the family EVERY week.  I usually post it on the frig for the family to look at so that they won’t have to ask me, “What’s for dinner?”  I really wanted a big chalk board, but had been unable to find something that would work for me.  I then started the search for a huge frame that I could make into a chalk board.  No go.  I did have a piece of MDF left over from making my Baby doll’s craft table just sitting in my laundry room.  Smooth surface, right size…I’m going for it.  I bought my chalkboard spray paint and got to spraying.  002

I bought some blue acrylic paint (my kitchen will eventually be in shades of blue) and lettering stencils


and nearly two hours later this is what I ended with.


Now I just have to hang it….oh yeah and get some chalk.  BTW, you may be wondering why the bottom has a shortened (and offset) “F” & “S”….well usually we eat “whatever” on those days.  I’m either working late into the evening/night or we’re eating out (regardless of how much I plan meals and I plan meals for every Saturday).

So tell me, are you doing any DIY projects?  I’d love to hear all about them.

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Photography 001

I don’t know if you remember, but I got this great camera for Christmas…

It’s a Nikon D3000.  There are tons of better cameras out there, but this was my first foray into DSLR world and the end to my life as a point&shoot girl.  As you guys have seen I’ve been taking pictures left and right and they haven’t all been the best.  I was extremely grateful when I discovered photo editing sites/software that wasn’t Adobe Photoshop (too complicated for my life…I’m a working mother who is trying to build a second business I don’t have time for Adobe) because I could correct some of the mistakes that I made while using the Auto and Manual settings (also trying to figure out when or when not to use flash).  Plus I’m taking pictures of the desserts I make so that they can be added to my website, I want good pictures without having to pay a food stylist for them (I’m a small business after all). 

I have often felt like I never really had enough time to post because I always  inevitably had to do picture editing and then blogging became SOOOO much more than typing my thoughts and sharing projects with everyone.  I wanted to be able to take pictures that I could use with minimal to no editing that were fabulous enough to hold you guys interested (and maybe be impressed :)).  I also wanted to be able to use the A and S settings that I saw on my camera but didn’t know what they really stood for.  I began scouring the internet for information and blogs that would give me some photography tips.  I found some good information out there and also talked with other people I know that are into photography.  My family vacation was fast approaching, so what better time to try out all of the new techniques I’ve leaned? 

Some of my pictures came out not so good…

I believe I had the shutter speed to high for these photosThis was a good photo but could have been great if I had of had on the flash.

 and then some turned out pretty good…

I can’t even begin to tell you how this happened…but WOW, I’m really proud of myself.


At this point I don’t feel like I can classify myself as a Photography 101 student …I’m still in the remedial class, hence the title Photography 001.  So I really would like to get feedback from you guys.  I need tips, comments and whatever you’ve got to help me become a better photographer.  As I improve and learn things I will pass them on.  Thanks a bunch…and don’t forget to send me your comments.

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