Mixin’ and Matchin’

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to do somewhere I don’t usually go. I’m going into fashion. I love fashion, I have a love of shoes that surpasses most understanding. I love to accessorize to the point that I have a eyeglass wardrobe (and I can post about that if you are interested). I cannot claim to be a huge fashion trendsetter, but I think I look good in my clothes and I like to wear things that speak to me – whether it is super trendy or not.

Ok, my fashion topic of today is mixing metal types. In particular mixing gold and rose gold jewelry. Today I decided to wear my velvet mauve top and thought my rose gold necklace would go perfect with it. Once I placed the necklace on, I felt that I needed to add something else around my neck. I didn’t have any other short length necklaces that are rose gold, so I reached for a couple of my gold necklaces. I stood in my mirror for about 3 minutes looking and decided to go with it.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I like to accessorize and another way that I accessorize is with my smart watch. I wear a Samsung Gear 4 smartwatch and I LOVE IT. I always worn some version of a Samsung smartwatch over the past 5 or 6 years. I have had a black, rose gold and silver face version of the watch and purchased many different colors, designs, and styles of watchband. Today I wanted to keep the rose gold going and wore the rose gold and bling watchband.

I put on my bracelets that I purchased from Naveah (if you don’t know, ask me and I will post about them). Looking at them closely, you really can’t see too much of a difference with the types of “golds”.

I decided to wear my faux leather wide leg capri pants with this shirt, so it only made sense to wear my onyx that is in a silver base. Making that decision, it only stood to reason that my remaining rings were silver as well.

So today, I have on all of the metal types/colors. Gold, rose gold, and silver. Looking at the entire outfit, I’m happy with the way things turned out. What do you think?

Well, I hope this post has been helpful and given you something to think about. Like I stated earlier, I love to accessorize. Accessorizing to me, is a way that I can change the look of an outfit. Adding a belt, switching up my glasses, or changing jewelry has changed the look of many looks. I am new to mixing different textures and things is new to me; but something that I am embracing because I like the looks it gives. If you are an accessorizer, what ways do you accessorize? Do you mix your jewelry metals?

If you are interested in my eyewear collection and where I get them from, let me know and I will work on a post about it. I hope everyone continues to do well and staying healthy.

Until next time,

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