No What?!

Hey Guys,

Happy February!!! This month I am going to designate as a No Spend month.  This is my first time going a month without spending. 

No Spend Challenge, 21 - 27 September 2017 - THE CHEAPSKATES CLUB

Don’t think I’m out here spending willy-nilly, but I tend to pick up little things for myself or Babydoll – I’m rebuilding my wardrobe – and anything that I see that I want in my home.  But this month I will not be making any purchases for anything that is not a necessity – food or toiletries, and I have a birthday gift for my brother and ex-husband as it is there birthday month.  I do have a couple of gift cards that I can use but my goal is not to spend, so I don’t want to purchase anything even if it is with the gift card. 

Funny thing is January 31st, I was out in them streets trying to make all of the purchases that I could think of before February 1st got here and No Spend began.  As you know, this is Babydoll’s final year in high school and we had to order cap and gowns this week (OMG!!!!).  If you follow this blog, you know my Babydoll added some other items along with the cap and gown and announcements. It’s all good, we have finally stopped paying for college applications so now money is going to the end of year things.  The really funny thing is, it is the 4th of February and I already want to “spend” on something! 

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I was just looking at my body, doing my assessment of how my body is changing and was lamenting to Babydoll that I wish there was a way to tighten some of the loose skin on my thighs and buttocks.  Fast-forward to when I was looking at Instagram and right there in my feed was a tool that you can use to tighten and tone your skin.  I’m scrolling minding my own business and this pop up. See, this is why I am trying to stray away from any Cookies, they seem to always put stuff that I’m SPEAKING about (how do they know what I’m talking to someone about?) in my social media feed. I still have 24 days left in this month….it’s going to be test.  Y’all pray for me. 

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With this being my year – my year to get my debt paid off (if Sasha Fierce can stop needing procedures that keep adding up) as I prepare to be the mother of a college student, I want to take a couple of months during the year that I implement the “no spend” rule. 

Okay…that’s all for this post.  Have you guys ever had a no spend month and if you have tell me how it went?  What are some tips that I can use that will help me make it through?

Until next time,  

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