Planner Spread week of 11/16/2020


Wanted to share the spread for this week.  I have had this designed and pictures taken since Monday morning, but let me tell you about the week I have had thus far.  Nope, I’m not going to share the drama today, I will save it for another day; just know that the refrigerator that was supposed to be delivered on Monday morning will be delivered Thursday afternoon and it will be coming from an entirely different store. 

This will be a quick post in that I really didn’t want to miss the week.

The majority of the stickers that were used, were made on my Cricut.  I’m really getting into creating my own stickers.  I’ve been working on some stickers to be used during the month of December – I mean some of the florals are amazing. 

I used worded, check boxes, and icon stickers from the stickers that I have on hand. I hope to be able to create some of these types of stickers soon. Having found repositionable paper to make stickers has become a game changer for me.


Look at my fur babies….I was trying to get some more natural lighting to take these photos and these two ran to the door. I didn’t get the light, but I got this picture.

They have a common goal to get outside, looking longingly out the back door.

I hope that this spread has inspired you in some way.  I know that I get a huge thrill watching videos of others designing their threads.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you have a save and happy Thanksgiving if you live in the United States. 

Until next time,

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