I be making books y’all

Hello eveyone,

Welcome back to my blog. If you are new, thanks for stopping in; and if you are returning, thanks so much for coming back. This post is all about the TBR books that I made for my book club and has truly been a labor of love (the post, the books are a way to let my creativity flow). I originally made the books in 2018 but we have some new members and one member misplaced hers so I got the parts together and made a few more. I decided to share the process with all of you. This post will have video content because it was just easier to show the process that way.

If you are a reader, you probably know what TBR stands for, if not it means To Be Read. There is always a book that you plan on reading after you finish the one you are currently. Something you heard about, something that was suggested by a fellow reader, or even a continuation of a series that you have been reading. Well, I have pages of books that I want to read. I keep a record of them in a Goodreads.com account and I also have a book that I created for myself and members of my book club (we have also used them as prizes when we have our room during Lori Foster’s RAGT). This is what my current book looks like….

Follow the vidoes to see how they are made.

After I glued the cover, I decided to weigh them down with a few books so that they could remain flat.

The divider tabs that are made to create sections in the book are made with my We R Memory Keepers Tab Punch Board. I cut the correct paper size from one of my cardstock books that I then laminated.

See the last video to see how the books were put together.

I tried to show the metal corners in the video but it was out of the frame. These are what they look like.

I hope the videos and pictures were clear enough for you. I set up my camera not having an overhead camera tripod. I wanted to be able to move about my workspace freely while filming. The books came out amazing and I forgot to take pictures of the final products because as I stated in the video, I made these the day they were gifted to them and I was cooking and prepping for company while I was making them.

If you enjoyed the content in this post, drop a word or like it. I would love to do more post like this, but want to know if there is interest for it.

Until next time,

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