Planner Spread August 24-30

Hey Guys,

Can you believe this is the last full week of August?! Where is the time going? As usual, I have tons going on this week, put one of the highlights is getting to Walmart to get my items in lay-a-way. Yes, folks it’s that most wonderful time of the year…when Walmart opens up the Christmas lay-a-way. It’s a time when I get to get all of the big ticket items that I want for myself or the house that I don’t want to necessarily spend the huge chunk of money on all at once. I get to purchase it over time and I’m so much happier because of it. (sigh)

But I’ve losing track of the post. If you are new to my blog, welcome and if you are returning, Hey boo thanks for coming back. The spread for this week came to me based on two ideas: 1) I wanted a large quote on the dashboard page and 2) it was going to get smokin’ hot again this week.

I took two quotes that seemed to work well together to form a nice statement.

I really hate the way the correction tape looks under the quote, but the Jelly Roll white pen was NOT cutting it this week. You can only tell with the close shots.

And when it gets hot, you want to think of something cool….a fan, air conditioning, the pool or ice cream or popsicles, hoping it will keep you cook in your heart. I decided to have popsicles coming down from the top of the page.

The thumbtack notes will be where I will any notes that I need to keep this week. I used the tape rolls to annotate planning my schedule this week, the grocery cart is to remind me to pick up mozzerella and lettuce for dinner this week, I need to return a cd to the library this week, hence the cassette tape, Sasha is scheduled for a haircut on Saturday, and I have a couple of calls to make on Monday. Babydoll has early release one day this week (it just sounds wierd to my ears considering they are doing remote learning, but I guess she’s geeked to be finishing early) – I didn’t have a sticker for that because I forgot to pull it from the SuperMom sticker book, but I added it later.

It was a fairly simple spread to put together once I found the quotes I wanted to use. I hope that you enjoy it and get some inspiration from it.

Looking back on all of these photos, I have no idea what happened to the lighting…these were taken near the door with the natural light coming through. Maybe I should have been on a different side of the house.

Now I’m done with work for the day and woke up at 3 am this morning for some insane reason, so I’m going to take a nap before I start dinner. Babydoll is working on homework and won’t want to eat until she’s done or really close to it, so I got some time. Please like or comment below and if you like this and some of my other post, feel free to subscribe. I finally got all of the videos uploaded correctly (I had to cut one video into to and it still took some time) so I will finally put that post out there this week. I really want to show you guys videos, but this one really took it out of me. Whew…..anywho…

Until next time,

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