Planner Spread August 17-23

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. If you are new, welcome and if you are returning, thanks for coming back. I want to share my planner spread for this week. I’m getting this post out a little late, because I have been working on a blog that will have video content and editing is taking a lot of time – I think I need new editing software (if you have any recommendations for something free, I’m all ears), and there have been a ton of doctors appointments for all my babies – human and fur – that have taken time in addition to things being a lot at work. That’s my excuses, now on to the spread….

My main inspiration came from a new sticker book that I picked up last weekend….Empowering Woman.

I went in to Joanns to look for beads for some earrings that my mother has requested and HAD to stop in the planner section to see what stickers were there. I’m looking for the student sticker book so that I can use it in Babydolls planner, but have yet to see it. Anywho…this sticker book looked the most interesting to me and I didn’t own it, the planner supplies were 50% off and I thought I have some money on my spending card, why not.

I loved this flower and wanted to build the spread from there along with this quote that spoke to me.

The sticker above the flower came from the same book, but was not part of the flower.

I knew I wanted to add more flowers, and there weren’t enough in the sticker book, so I grabbed one of my floral sticker books and went hunting.

This is what I decided on. There’s some white space, but I don’t think it looks to bad. I’m trying to experiment with stacking boxes for artistic effect (is that the right term?) so I put those along with another box that I can use for notes that I need to remember.

As I mentioned earlier, there were a ton of appointments going on this week. I need to get my oil changed, the fur babies have their 6-month health check-up, Babydoll and I have dentist appointments, Babydoll has an orthodontist appointment, Babydoll gets her driver’s license this week (I can’t EVEN go there), back-to-school night (virtual) is this week, and oh yeah….I have to work my regular job. I pulled stickers from the Mom, Colorful Boxes, and Happy Illustrations Happy Planner sticker books and a sticker pack that I purchased at Hobby Lobby to use on the daily pages.

On another note, I have printed off most of my planner pages for the remainder of the year, but I think I might have to reprint them on the new paper that I purchased. The paper that I’m currently using is not sticker forgiving. What does that mean you ask? If I place the sticker on the paper and decide that I need to move it, it’s not going to happen without some of the paper coming off. This means that once I place the sticker on the paper, it’s there; and sometimes you place a sticker and realize that it would look better in another location or it’s not straight and you need to reposition it. I may test out the paper with stickers that I feel I won’t need to see if it is any better because the print job can be a massive undertaking. But I also think I want to remove the border that I currently have along the bottom of the page. I am completely happy with the overall design that I have come up with for my planner pages, it’s just that the more I use it and decorate with it, the more I know how I want to edit the design (there will not be a lot of editing, trust me.)

Enough yapping, enjoy the spread.

I hope that someone finds it inspirational and helpful for all you dashboard layout users because there really isn’t a ton of us out there that use the layout and post their designs. That is honestly the main reason why I started sharing my spreads, when I was looking for inspiration I wasn’t finding anything out there. There are a few YouTubers that use the dashboard layout – Pleasantly Planned and Mrs. Thinking of a Masterplan are two that I look at regularly. If you have any comments or questions, please comment below. If you enjoy this post don’t forget to like it. I think I am about 80% done with the post that has the videos in it, so I’m hoping to have that out this week.

Until next time,

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