Planner Spreads

Happy Wednesday guys,

Thanks for checking in and if you are new, thanks for checking out the page. It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted anything and I apologize, but I had been a little down lately (not feeling well and baker’s cyst is flaring up again) and really spent the time trying to get myself together while still keeping up with all the hype in my life.

I didn’t take pictures of the week of July 20th. That was my sisters birthday week and I was finishing up some earrings that I was going to give her as a birthday present. She had stated that she was going to go for neutral colored clothes, but add her pops of color with her jewelry. These earrings were my contribution to her accessories (I gave her a few other items but this was something that took up a lot of time that week). I thought I’d share the earrings I made instead.

My oldest brother fell and fractured his patella, so I took an afternoon preparing a few things for him to be able to eat that would keep him out of the kitchen so much. As you see, although I was down, I still was keeping busy. Add to that, Babydoll started school last Thursday. Her school district decided to have virtual classes for the time being, something we are both extremely happy with; but there was still some prep work that needed to be done, including getting school supplies and picking up her school-issued chrome book.

As I stated earlier, today I’m going to share the last two weeks of spreads; because although I haven’t been 100, I still found time to decorate my planner (y’all know I love my pretty). I’ll try not to go into a lot of detail about them.

This was last weeks spread – week of July 27th.

I wanted a very neutral spread that week to go alongside of my expense tracker for the pay period. Those stickers came out of the Happy Planner Journaling Doodles and Botanticals sticker books.

This weeks spread came out of a new sticker book that I picked up over the weekend….Glitter Paint.

I had pre-planned on a small sheet of paper,

I use these pieces that were left over from dashboards that I made from plastic cutting boards that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I placed the stickers on the plastic prior to putting them on my spread to make sure that everything looks good.

The lighting wasn’t the best these photos were taken, so please excuse the darkness.

I forgot to take a picture of the spread before writing in everything so today you get a chance to see an “after the pen” picture. I’m not one to work on my lettering, this is just the way I write. I love for my planner to be pretty, but I also need it to be functional.

Alright, that is it for this post, I hope that you guys found some inspiration. I would love to hear any question or comments that you may have. Continue to check out the blog, subscribe and like. I have to figure out how to allow you guys to “pin” any photos that you may want to add to your Pinterest boards. If you have any helpful advise, comment below.

Until next time,

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