Planner Spread

Hello Everyone,

I hope that this week has been going great for you thus far. As usual, my week has been very busy. I’m moving some things around at home, working on a will revision, and also working on some earrings for my sister for her birthday next week. If this is your first time visiting my page, welcome. If you are returning or a subscriber, welcome back. I’m so happy that you decided to check me out.

This week I did a planner spread for myself and Babydoll. For Babydolls spread I did the Christmas in July theme. I was watching Squaird Plans Youtube video for this week and she mentioned that there was a challenge and this week was the Christmas in July theme. I had been wanting to do this type of spread and decided to get my feet wet with the mini dashboard spread.

I wanted to do something that related to Christmas, at the same time it not be too December or cold weather related since this is July. I added sunglasses to Santa and used a cactus as the christmas tree.

Another way that I wanted to bring on the “Christmas spirit” was to emphasize the gift aspect. Babydoll said that she was thinking of placing a nice sized online order,so that could be considered a gift to herself.


She loves hot chocolate anytime of the year and will have it when the mood hits her if she is not drinking tea.

Finally, the last day of summer school is on the 15th. I thought her final was on that day; but it was actually on the 14th. I did not use the red and green colors that are typical for Christmas, but used pink and gold, with light blue and some shades of light green.

For myself, I wanted to use some stickers out of a Capital Chic Designs sticker book I purchased a few months ago at Michaels. The stickers in this book were all shades of blue and green. Blue is my favorite color and that was the colors I went with today. I try to do some pre-planning prior to beginning my spread layout.

pre-planning list

As you can see, I had a ton of “To Dos” this week and didn’t want to place too many decorative stickers that took up a lot of my writing space.

It’s a pay week so I had to allow for my budget sticker in my spread. I found these really pretty flowers in one of the Happy Planner Florals sticker books.

Blue stickers at the bottom of the pages were a perfect match to the stickers from the Capital Chic Design book.

Some washi, flags, boxes, icons, checklist, and headers from the Capital Chic Design book and then added some quotes and blue hearts from Happy Planner and this spread was done.


I pulled out my blue erasable pen to write everything down and I was super happy with the way the spread turned out.

That’s all I have for this weeks planner spread post. I hope that you guys enjoyed looking at it as much as I liked creating it. If you like, please think about hitting the like button and maybe subscribing to the blog site. Later this week, I plan to share my version of kolaches that I made the other week. Continue to stay healthy, social distance, and wear your mask.

Until next time,

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