Planner Spread July 6-12

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you had a great and restful Independence Day weekend. We had a great time. We hung out at the house, watched some YouTube (Babydoll), read (me), played some Tetris (me), and watched a little t.v. (Hamilton and Babydoll is bingeing Power). The dinner that I prepared for the fourth, was sooooooo good. I put my foot in all of that. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw the picture. We had left-overs for dinner on Sunday.

It is a little disconcerting that I am just getting this post out to you guys considering I actually decorated this spread after attending virtual church on Sunday. I took pictures within the hour of completing it. I did figure out that some things that I had scheduled to post were not posted when they should have, because I now have to hit publish/schedule twice for it to work. I will have to be aware of that from now on. On to the spread.

I decided to do another spread that was a riot of flowers that surround one sticker. I really wanted to have rose gold as the accent color.

Because there were so many flowers, I didn’t feel the need to add a lot of extra embellishments.

Some rose gold stars as flags, a rose gold “hello”, a couple of small statement stickers and the spread was complete.

That’s it for this weeks spread. I’m really happy with it, I hope it inspires you. Have a great rest of your week. It’s super humid and hot here, so we are trying to stay cool, I hope you are too. Remember to hydrate.

Until next time,

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