Budget with me – July


I thought that I would finally share my budgeting process with you guys this month. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but was hesitant because I was unsure how to do it where it made some sense. I can’t guarantee that it will make sense this time, but here it goes.

I want to start out by saying that I’m not an expert on financing and budgeting. I have always had a budget, that I work very hard to stick to. When I set my mind to it, I’m pretty good about paying things off in a timely manner, however, I refrain from denying myself living my best life. What does that mean you ask? If I want something, and I have the means to get it; I get it. I’m not a person that has to have the top of the line or a name brand (although some things I will not purchase the generic of – mainly certain food items or specific make-up brands); but I am someone who can shop the clearance or sale racks like they were put there specifically for me. This is my financial journey to obtain the financial goals that I have set for myself. I also want to maintain good financial habits to pass on to Babydoll so that she can be a financially responsible adult. Ok…..on to the budget.

I use these pages for budgeting purposes that I created based on some budget pages that I bought from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

Monthly Bills page in budget section
Monthly expenses pages

I’ve paid off a few bills in the last 6-8 months, and put dash lines in these spots. I will keep chugging along until I get them all eliminated. When I eliminate one, I evaluate to see what is the next one to work on. The latest bill that I am currently working towards eliminating is the Wayfair charge. I used it to purchase some furniture items that I finally found after looking for close to 9 years.

Bills budget for this month. Some items are fixed – Car, Navient, and subscriptions, others I plan to eliminate with time.

The medical expense is one that has truly made me want to pull out the short hair that I have. I’m not a person that gets ill often. I have bum knees from a track injury back in high school and a bad fall on ice close to 20 years ago. But other than that, I’m typically super healthy. However, I had to have surgery back in 2015, and there were complications that caused me to be in the hospital for a week longer than what was expected (and what the projected charges that I paid in advance for were). It took them another year and a half to send me the bill for the additional charges after insurance and then it took me three years to pay that balance off ($229/mo). I have had to go to physical therapy about these knees of mine twice and there were doctors visits about the knees before and after the PT that left me with fees. Last year I lost my voice for four months and I had to go to a ENT and Speech pathologist to “relearn” how to talk. Just when I thought I had paid off the throat bills, I was informed there was another bill that I feel I paid, but can’t find that final receipt for so I’m going to have to pay it again along with the remaining balance for the PT. I project that I will have those paid off in October.

In order to get to my goal of “spend a check, save a check”; I have to eliminate everything but my fixed expenses. I’m seriously thinking of getting a consolidation loan, but it will need to be one that has the right interest rate. It makes no sense to get consolidation loan that has the same interest rate that I paying for my credit cards. I’m praying about it and waiting on God to give me an answer in which direction I should go.

My monthly expenses I chose based on how my spending for last month. I would like to lower my grocery bill this month as well as the personal spending. Babydoll had a hair appointment, that I didn’t account for in the budget and I also stocked up on a lot of personal hygiene products (lotions, body oils, body wash, hair care items, etc). Those items along with eating out once, through my June budget into a tailspin, but I’m reigning it in this month.

The value for Allowance was actually for $140. I divide $70 amongst the Amex cards at each pay period.

Ok…so that’s my budget for the month with a few explanations of some of the expenses and where my head is with regards to how I’m dealing with them and how I’m going to proceed in the future. I’m including the video below to show the process of filling out the forms.

I hope it wasn’t too confusing to you and if you liked it, leave a comment below and I may continue to do them monthly or quarterly. Leave a comment below anyway to let me know if you like the content of the site or even the new site design. If you are new here, welcome and I hope you come back; if you are returning thanks for coming back over. Have a great week guys.

Until next time,

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