Planner Spread 6/29/20


It’s the last 2 days of June and beginning of July. I mean the Fourth of July is on Saturday! I am off work from July 1-6. The wonderful company that I work for gave us an extra two days off to promote great mental health during this crazy time that we are living in and I would normally have this upcoming Monday off, so I don’t need to report back into the office until July 7th. Woohoo! My plan is to do so much of nothing it is pitiful. I will have to go to the grocery store, but that’s peanuts compared to having to go into work (even if I’m working from home 75% of the time).

The spreads for this week are not the best in my opinion, but I’m going to share them none-the-less. For Babydolls spread, I went with some sparkles in the corner of each page a Fourth of July sticker, a grill on the 4th because I plan to put a few things on the grill, and a few blue and red stars. She has an Orthodontist appointment on Tuesday, so there was a sticker for that. She is taking speech in summer school and has one that she has to record and send in; hence the “deadline” sticker. I asked if she had to order/buy anything this week or if she had anything that was coming in and she said, “of course”. So I took a long “think it/want it/get it” sticker and strategically cut it to place it in the “To Buy” section. I always want her to put her best forward, so I placed the “Make today count” sticker for motivation.

I thought I would include the monthly spread that I did for myself this month. I typically forget to include these, but I thought I would show it this month and try to include them in the future. I always want to have room on my monthly spread to add things as they come up, I don’t fill it up with a ton of stickers, but I want the theme to shine through.

I used the colored sparkles for the monthly spread that worked with colored fireworks. For the weekly spread, I decided to use gold fireworks. Once I started with the gold, I decided to keep as much gold as possible with pops of red and blue that went with the fourth theme.

It was super difficult to find navy blue stickers. Why is it so hard to find navy blue stickers? After looking at the planner spread for throughout the day on Monday, I really wanted to add something more to the page. I went back to my stickers and found another gold quote to add to the bottom of the dashboard page. I needed some more color to make it do something more. I added a blue border.

This is a pay week for me and I’m using my budget sticker. My work group had a picnic on Monday (we brought our own lunch and chairs so that we could socially distance in the park but still be able to see each other), and as mentioned earlier, Babydolls orthodontist appointment. I placed a grocery cart to remind me that there were some stores I needed to go to before the sale ended on Tuesday.

That’s my spreads for this week. I hope they inspire you some way. Later this week I will share my monthly budget plan with you guys. I’m going to include a video (my first one) of me writing it down. Everyone have a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend. If this is your first time visiting, I hope that you come back or consider subscribing. If you like the content, please like it; and think about following me on Instagram to see some of the meals that I make on my grain-free days.

Until next time,

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