Don’t Trifle with me

A while back my mother called to reminisce about a dessert I made for my family last summer. They were talking about how awesome it was and how it would be so wonderful if I could make them one when I had the time – no rush, just whenever I had the time. The thing about this dessert was that my family was not really up for it when I talked about making it, but I insisted. I knew it would knock their socks of.

What was this dessert you ask? Why the great summer classic….the trifle.

I made a chocolate trifle that was rich and decadent with fudge sauce, caramel sauce, moist chocolate cake, whipped topping, and the star, homemade chocolate pudding.

This is the trifle that my mother requested I make for her after she commented on how much my she and my father REALLY enjoyed the one I made last summer. It was so big, I couldn’t use the top that came with the bowl.

My family knows I can make a chocolate cake, they know I can make caramel and chocolate sauce, the whipped topping, I’m out-sourcing; but homemade pudding…..they didn’t know about it. To be honest, I didn’t know about making it. I mean I’ve made pudding before, but I’ve never made such rich, decadence in less than 30 minutes. Yep you heard me, less than 30 minutes. After making that pudding, and tasting that pudding; I’ll never buy boxed pudding mix again – unless I need it for cookies.

In order to make this chocolatey pot of nostalgia, you only need a few ingredients…..milk, cornstarch, sugar, vanilla, cocoa powder, and butter. That’s it. You need a whisk, measuring cup and spoons, and a medium pot. That’s it.

I decided to use Swerve sweetener instead of sugar because 1) I’m trying to incorporate it into as many recipes that I can to see if I can do without real sugar, and 2) my parents are diabetic and I want to cut back on as much sugar as I can when making sweets for them for their health and well-being.

This stuff is really good. No after taste at all, so much better than Splenda, Stevia, all of them.

Although, I’m trying to be cut out as much fat and non-ww friendly foods as possible, there are some things I will not sacrifice in a recipe. When it comes to baking it is butter and whole milk, heavy cream and half& half.

Ok….here is the recipe run down. You combine, cornstarch, sugar, cocoa powder, and minimal salt in medium saucepan (whisk to combine). Add the milk and place over medium heat. It will look not so good, but trust me, it’s coming.

Doesn’t look that great, but give it time.

Cook until it begins to thicken, and looks shiney and amazing. Then let it cook a little longer.

It was bubbling and spitting, so I had to whip out my Ove-Glove.

Turn off the heat, add vanilla and butter. Stir to incorporate and You. Are. DONE. I told you, easy. Something I want to mention, I’m normally all about pure vanilla extract – I purchase it or make my own – but for this recipe I used something that I picked up while at Homegoods one day. It’s called Baker’s Extract and it is a combination of chocolate and vanilla extracts. It’s something that I use when I’m making a chocolate based recipe.

At this point you want to reach for some plastic wrap to place over the top of the pudding so that a skin does not form while it cools. Once it cools sufficiently, you can use it in whatever recipe you need it for (my mother’s trifle) or divide amongst containers that you place in the frig to be enjoyed with whipped topping (or Redi-Whip), maybe a few graham cracker or cookie crumbs. However you have it, you will not be disappointed. As for how I used most of the pudding, my mother and father’s trifle; they thoroughly enjoyed it. I think they said they had some every day until it was gone. They didn’t get sick of it… AT ALL. That which was left over, Babydoll ate with whipped topping and mmmh, mmmh good me every time.

Wrapped up and ready to go

I’ve been asked to make a dessert for the first book club meeting since COVID-19 (we will be meeting in a members backyard with our masks on in July – please no rain) and I’m thinking of a Strawberry/Raspberry trifle that I want to make a vanilla or lemon pudding for. Follow me on Instagram for the pics. I’ll include the recipe for chocolate pudding below, if you would like to make a batch. Be sure to send me pictures and comments to tell me how it turned out and how you and your family enjoy it.

Until next week, have a great weekend and stay healthy,

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