Today’s My Birthday

It really isn’t, but it will be on Wednesday and that is why my planner spread for this week is about the birthdays. The birthday cake and celebrate sticker came from a page in one of my paper books. When I was flipping through it a few months ago, I knew that I was going to use it for my birthday week some how.

One of my best friends has a birthday on Tuesday, and it is notated in the small space that I have left (not that she deserves a small space), but so much is happening on Tuesday. I’m going into the office to work and I have a meeting mid-day.

I just realized the flags on Friday are totally not straight, I’m going to have to fix that.

I’m taking a few days off to celebrate my birthday and then I’m working again on Friday because I have some training that will need to be handled virtually. I’m pretty happy about my plans for the week and I’m excited for some of the things I’ve planned just for me. I’m hoping that I can chillax this weekend, but I hope that every weekend and it doesn’t happen. Maybe because it’s my birthday week it can really happen.

I feel like I struggled placing the birthday confetti on the dashboard page more than I did on the weekly page. Mostly because I didn’t want to disturb the groove on the cake and celebration sticker.

I cut the sticker with my broke-back designer scissors before I realized it was the broke-back ones, so now some of the edges of the page look less than perfect.

I’m making sweet cream ice cream today that I’m going to add some strawberry swirl lemon pound cake chunks in. Ice cream and cake is my all time favorite dessert, so I’m excited about that too. I’m keeping it “healthy” by using Monk Fruit sweetener instead of sugar and Almond milk instead of the whole milk. Mind you, I’m still using the heavy cream that the recipe calls for, but I did health it up as best I could. If you follow me on Instagram, I’ll definitely have a pic there.

For Babydolls spread, it’s all about the flamingos. I saw those last week and knew I wanted to do that for her. Add some palm trees and sun and it’s tropical.

On the weekly page, I kept debating adding another circle, maybe in the two-tones of the green from the palm trees, but didn’t feel comfortable adding that. My thinking that it would detract from the yellow and pink vibe.

I added my birthday as a reminder to her. I wonder if I should have included her godmother’s birthday also.

I used plain label paper to cover up the colored box and the grid on the dashboard side. Because my child always finds something to order, or has something to add write down for future purchases; I kept the “To Buy” section and “Remember” for things that she is waiting to come in. The “Errands” section is for places that she needs to go (hopefully they are all with her father – remember, I want to chillax this weekend).

She’s happy with the spread and thus so am I.

Ok…..I’ll end this post now and go finish up laundry. I’m almost done. Does anyone else dread folding as much as I do? I refuse to let it sit in a basket and pull clothes from there that will need to be ironed, so I fold them; but boy do I dread it.

Later this week, I want to post about a wonderful, quick dessert, that is full of nostalgia.

Until next time,

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