Sweet Tarts


Babydoll has fallen in love with raspberries and blackberries. They are something that is a must purchase every time I go to the grocery store (along with apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes…we are fruit eaters y’all). These wonderful berries are eaten for breakfast (with eggs and toast), as a snack (because….it’s raspberries and blackberries), or for a side dish with dinner (I mean, why fix broccoli or brussel sprouts when you can have these burst of yumminess – although we do love brussel sprouts too).

A couple weeks ago, when I started thinking of desserts (I try to make one every week); I really wanted something light and quick. I could make a pie or cobbler or even a shortcake (that’s coming soon), but I fixated on those beautiful berries that were in my frig. I decided to make mini “sweet” tarts. Why call them sweet tarts? Three reasons: 1) the crust is made from sugar cookie dough, 2) the filling is made from cream cheese and swerve, and 3) they are crowned with sweet raspberries and blackberries with a little (sugar-free) strawberry preserves.

I won’t go into a huge amount of recipe detail this dessert because it is super simple. Take your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Divide it into smaller portions that will fit your tart pan once rolled out. You should roll it out to about 1/8-inch thickness. Shape in your tart pans, and prick with fork. Bake until wonderful golden brown. That is the last of your baking. That’s it.

The “cream filling” is made of softened cream cheese (I used 6 oz. for four tarts), swerve (my new sugar substitute love, I used 1/4 cup), and vanilla (1 tsp). Beat until smooth and place into your cooled tart shells.

From that point it is about strategically placing your berries into the filling. I tried to place the berries so that no one berry was too prevalent in one area.

I microwaved about two tablespoons of strawberry preserves and brushed the berries to coat them and make them shiny and beautiful.

These are 4-inch tart pans and unless you are a glutton for punishment, there is no way you should eat a whole one at one setting. Share one with your honey – two spoons and some coffee or tea. Babydoll put her foot down this week and said, there are no extras for anyone so they can do no drive-bys for pick-ups.

What light desserts are you making this spring? Comment below with them, I’m always looking for something new. Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time,

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    1. Lonnita says:

      Thanks, they were amazing. Babydoll loves cake (all types), but I try to make lighter desserts in the summer months.

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