Planner Spread June 15-21 2020

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog page. If you are new, thanks for stopping by; if you are returning, thanks for coming back. I wanted to share the spreads that I created this week for my planner and the mini planner that I created for Babydoll. Note: If this is your first time visiting, the planner pages for the classic sized planner are my own design. I love the Dashboard layout that the Happy Planner makes, but did not like the color blocks and the headers that they use do not typically apply to life. Babydoll is able to use the layout mostly the way Happy Planner has set it up. In the “Remember” section is where she keeps track of delivers for the things that she has ordered.

When I was moving about my day Sunday, the ideas for the spreads popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. I wanted to do a lemonade theme for my planner this week. For Babydoll, I was thinking unicorns.

When I started flipping through the sticker book that had unicorns in it, the Joanns Big Happy Planner Sticker book (I believe it was the first edition of this book); I saw some mermaid stickers. I asked Babydoll if she would like mermaids or unicorns? Being the water-baby that she is, she chose mermaids.

The mermaids needed to be in water for the mermaid scene to make sense, so I grabbed a blue piece of cardstock, used a pair of my fancy scissors, and cut “waves”.

I based the color for the headers on the colors of the mermaids and underwater sea life.

I thought the quote seemed to be “water-like”. There were bubbles (maybe), it was aqua blue, and it was talking about rising (you know like rising water).

I used the left-over box stickers from the headers in the daily spots, added seashells and clams for more decoration and this spread was complete . I really loved the way that it turned out.

Like I stated at the beginning of the post, for my spread I knew that I wanted to use the lemonade stickers that I had been passing when going through my Spring/Summer sticker collection. Specifically when the lemonade was in the tall bottle, like this one.

This is a pay week, so I needed to add my budget sticker in the left side of the dashboard.

To make it bright and fresh, I decided leaves with lemons would be the main decoration on the page with the glasses of lemonade. Along the side of the budget sticker I added leaves and lemons, reminiscent of lemons hanging on a tree.

I found yellow stickers that I felt would work best in the spread and used them as the headers. I have had most of these stickers for years and never used them because I thought the yellow was too bright. I liked the suns (big and small) and put one high on the dashboard page and low and to the side on the week page.

I’m going into the office to work on Tuesday and notated that with a green “Today” sticker as opposed to the yellow ones used for the other days. Friday is my day off, and although I will be working (personal business) I didn’t want to use a “Today” sticker for that day. I did place a shopping cart there to notate that I need to make a grocery run and roll out with Babydoll and my mother to pick up my Father’s gift. Oh yeah, I hope you remember Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, the gold sticker. Don’t forget to mail your cards out to those father’s in your life if you will be unable to see them on Sunday. It’s one of my things to do this week.

To balance things out, I decided to add a pop of green other than the green leaves on the dashboard page by using the green “remember” sticker where I will write notes; and the “so fun” sticker at the top of my “to do” list. Some green and yellow stars serve as bullet points on the week page along with some lemons slices next to the days and a glass of lemonade where the weekly menu will be written and the spread was complete.

I’m really happy with the way both of the spreads look this week.

Thanks again for taking a gander at the spreads and I hope that I was able to maybe inspire you to do your own mermaid or lemonade spread. If you do, please drop me a line/link so that I can check it out. Saturday is the 1st day of Summer, I hope that the weather is awesome this weekend and you are able to enjoy it and show much love to the father’s in your life.

Until next time,

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