Planner Spread

Happy month of June!!!

It’s my birthday (or soul day as my oldest brother calls it) month. It is very disheartening that the country is going through a tumultuous time right now.  My heart is heavy about the injustice that continues to prevail throughout this country, but I am determined to enjoy this month. 

This week will include a long post because I wanted to show the spread from last week because it was really cute and I didn’t write about it.  This week I added another planner to my catalog (my catalog only consist of two planners now) because I wanted to do a student planner for Babydoll because I wanted to plan with the teacher and student stickers along with some of the stickers that come in the Mom sticker books that I haven’t had an opportunity to use yet. All right….let’s begin.  The spread from last week came about because of some stickers that I had made of waterfalls and forest.

This picture of the waterfall spoke to me and looked like it would fit on my page

I had to be mindful of space because this was a pay week and I needed to include my budget sticker to my spread.

I was flipping through my sticker books and found some leaf stickers that I had been wanting to use for a minute.  I figured I could go with a jungle or forest look.  I thought about using a forest picture on the dashboard page, but couldn’t find one that fit properly.  So I selected this sticker to go on the dates page. 

I had three birthdays this week so I put the “Birthday” stickers on the dates and added the names later. I had some CD’s to get from the library and I wanted to return some that I had before COVID struck, so this sticker was used.

Oh Happy Day, Monday was Memorial Day and dinner for that day was grilled hotdogs, chicken and mac & cheese.  I made strawberry cheesecake bars for dessert this week and I was making stuffed French bread on Friday.  The salad sticker was used twice in the spread in the “What’s For Dinner” section.

Friday was a busy day for me because I had work, Sasha needed a haircut, and I wanted to get groceries when I got off work. 

The final look for the week looked great in my humble opinion. 

The current week was planned with “the girls” in mind.  I used the Squad Girls stickers for my monthly spread.

I decided I want to use some type of girl each week during this month.  Wish me luck.

The “girls” for this week come from the Rong Gong collection.  I picked these two stickers for my dashboard page. 

I needed something else to add to the page to take up the extra space and thought, “Why not add some flowers”?  The yellow sunflower was my starting point and I used the rest of the flowers on the page to make my page look beautiful. I used the clear daily dashboard to create the flower design. I started with the smaller flowers on the dates page to give me an idea of how it would look.

The flowers matched the colorful boxes that I decided to use in the daily boxes. 

Once I finished adding all the flowers to both pages, I felt that I was missing a “girl” on the “dates” page.  I found this sticker that seemed to work with the stickers on the opposite page. 

When I showed Babydoll my spread, she told me, “You have really grown with the planning Momma.”  I take that as high praise coming from a teenage fashionista. 

Speaking of teenage fashionista, I decided to work on a planner for her.  I really just wanted to mess around with teacher and student stickers.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any of the teacher/student sticker books (can’t believe they are sold out).  But, I made it work.  I got her a mini planner because she said the large one may not work in her book bag when school starts (I hope she gets the opportunity to go back into a school building).  I made her planner from a Happy Planner Notebook with a really cute cover.  I used the 6 month extension pack for the monthly and daily pages.    These had to be numbered, but the dates were provided. 

My Babydoll loves the water and I knew that I wanted to use the Squad Girls that were in the water as her June monthly theme. 

I indicated the dates that would be important with a sticker, but did not write in the significance because I wanted her to have that in her own handwriting.


I didn’t realize that the extension pack that I was getting was for the dashboard layout.  We decided that we would give it a try for the next six months and if she doesn’t like it, we will switch to the standard horizontal or vertical layout.  I sat down with her and asked how she wanted to do the dashboard layout and we decided that she needed a space for her needs. She needed a space to write what she needs “To Buy” and a way to keep track of her “Orders”.  She is working on getting her hours for driving so she needed a space for that, as well as keeping up with the “Errands” she needed to run.  We chose a place to write down things that she needed to “Remember”; and finally a space for “To Do’s” which she can use as a space to keep track of upcoming assignments when she starts school (she’ll start summer school next week). 

I guess I should share my monthly spread before I end the post with all the spreads since it is so long anyway and that way I can be done with it.

I hope that you have enjoyed the spreads and gotten some inspiration for your own spreads. I have yet to show you a budget spread, mostly because I usually fill it in almost immediately after I decorate it. Besides there is not as much decorating on those pages, mostly it consist of the stickers indicating when things are done. If you would like to see it, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you. I apologize for the length of this spread, and I’ll be posting again soon.

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