There’s something I want to recommend….

I was in Fresh Thyme last month standing 6 ft away from the next person in line, when I noticed the bags she had her produce in. It was mesh recyclable bags. I use recyclable grocery bags. I keep them in the back of my car ready for the time when I have to run into the store. When I get produce (and our family gets a lot of it), I lament when I have to use the plastic bags that are provided. I make sure that I place those bags in the recycle bin; and if I can, I will forego the bags and leave my produce loose.

Back to this ladies bags…I asked her where she purchased her bags and she said that she had purchased them at Fresh Thyme about a year ago and she hadn’t seen them in about that time. I wanted those bags, y’all. I got on Amazon and looked for them (click here to see which bags I purchased). I have Prime and just knew that I was going to get them before my next grocery trip. With COVID-19, my mesh bags were deemed non-critical and alas, I was not going to get them before April 23rd. Shucks….

Last week, my bags arrived and I feel the need to share with you the greatness that they are. I ordered these bags from the company BeeGreen.

They came in this handy zippered bag to store them in.

You get 12 bags in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

I grabbed some oranges out of the fruit bowl to see how much you can fit into the bags. This is the medium sized bag and six oranges fit in with plenty of room for more. With the size of this bag, I’m unsure what I will use the large bags for (ears of corn maybe?). The small bags I can use for brussel sprouts, lemons, or even asparagus.

I will be grocery shopping in the next few days and can’t wait to use my new bags. Of course, some stores have policy that you can’t bring in your own bags (COVID-19) or they won’t bag your groceries if you are using your own bags. In those instances, I opt to bag my groceries….besides I usually do a better job of bagging then they do.

One thing, I almost forgot about was that a few of my medium bags were missing the drawstring. I’ll reach out to BeeGreen with my concerns, and use the drawstrings from a few of the large bags.

Are you a reusable bag user? What styles or brands do you use? I could really use some suggestions for the cold storage bags.

Until next time,

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