Planner Spread for week 3/30/2020

Hello everyone,

It is the last few days of March and the beginning of April. I hope that you are all remaining safe and healthy. I would have loved to have posted this yesterday or even earlier today, but I cannot find the cable to my camera and the way that I upload from the SD card seems wonky. Also, I spent an ungodly number of hours (close to 4 in total) Monday trying to order groceries for pick-up. I’m trying to avoid long periods of time inside the grocery store, but it seems that everyone else has the same idea. Needless to say the crafting that I was excited to get done did not get done (well, I did get some done, but not as much as I wanted)

Anyway….the spread! I’m going to share not only the spread for the week, but also my monthly spread and my budget monthly spread. I have not included appointments, because being stuck inside doesn’t really inspire me to contemplate going places or having places to go. I’m sure I’ll get outta this funk by the end of the week. The monthly spread is basically about colors of the rainbow. I think some of my rainbows got cut out of the picture, the rainbow effect at the bottom with the flowers was a lot of fun to create. I had to add some easter eggs, because this is Easter month.

Monthly Spread
Weekly Spread

Because I’m working from home everyday this week, I placed computers for the workdays this week. I was really feeling the “It’s Gonna Be Okay” sticker, something to keep me hopeful during this time. I placed the “Be Creative” sticker because I just knew that I was going to spend a few hours making earrings. And finally, this is my pay week; so I placed my budget sticker in the dashboard. I really am going to complete the post about that sticker and my other budget “accessories”, but I want to include printables and that takes some work getting them ready for your guys.

Monthly Budget Spread

Enjoy the spreads and tell me how you are spending your time social distancing.

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