Planner Spread week of March 9, 2020

Happy Monday,

Have you sufficiently recovered from “springing forward” with daylight savings time beginning?  We missed church yesterday because I woke up close to the time when we should have been heading out the door.  After having an in-depth discussion about what time we needed to get up and leave (Babydoll was going to drive us), we missed it.

Anyway, I had a chance to spend some time getting my planner ready for the week while I watched “Bringing Up Bates” and talked to my mother.  I began cleaning and reorganizing my office and craft space, so I had a really decluttered desk to work on.  I decorated the spread based on the on RongRong sticker that I pulled from a small sticker book that I found when cleaning. It’s March, so I wanted to stick with some green.


I have three birthday’s that I will be celebrating this  week.  I gotta mail out a birthday card in the next day or two.  This Saturday is going to be a busy one. There is the lunch with “the original six” (my parents and their children only) celebrating my father’s birthday, I’m cooking and hosting. Then there is a bookclub meeting later that evening where we will have discussions about the books we read, but also plans for the upcoming Lori Foster RAGT in June.  Finally, Babydoll is getting her hair braided, that I will be working around drop-off and pick-up.

What’s your week looking like?  Are you finding the weeks flying by?  Comment below with your thoughts.

Have a great week,


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