Planner Spread week of March 3

Good Morning everyone,

This weeks spread is full of gold and came about because I’m thinking of travel.  Spring break is at the end of the month and recently I received info about our family reunion this summer.  Getting out of this city is on my mind.

analysis blackboard board bubble

It was a busy Monday for me, I had a follow-up doctor’s appointment about my knee, had to drop off Sasha Fierce to get a haircut, needed to pick up a few things for Babydoll that she forgot to mention when I went grocery shopping last weekend, and I had to make some granola.


I ended up getting a cortisone shot to the knee after four weeks of physical therapy and no real change.  Man can I tell you that I had to breath through that shot like I did when I was in labor nearly sixteen years ago.  My knee felt a little weird (the doctor used the term “full” and I think that is a good description).

It’s raining today and most of the week, but the temperature is in the 50’s.  The dreary weather had me in the mood to make a pot of chili.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I finished my planner spread while I ate lunch and worked on chili.  I have no idea why the stickers were raising up so much this time around, but my hope is that it lays flatter once I put it in my planner and close it up for a few hours.


I wonder if I should color in that flower.  Anyway….I hope you guys enjoy and have a great week.



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